I'm Glad You Came!

   In sitting down tonight with the intent to do the blog, I did my normal….. Open MP and start shopping. Because when I need an excuse to shop I just say hey I think I am going to blog.

   Tonight I found the shopping to be the easy part. As was setting up for the photo session. I knew I had just gotten a new bedroom set from Zen Creations that was just released Friday. I turned around and looked at my girlfriend and asked if I could borrow her alt. That is how I met her. And to be honest, he is yummy to look at. Don’t tell her I said that.

   When I took the picture I was brought back to the day I met her and how far we have come. It is funny how many ways things can change in your life because of Second life. If you sit and think back to where you were when you started. Look at the pictures of you when you started.  Not only do we grow emotionally.  I thought back, to me 5 years ago look at pictures and wonder what I was thinking. Because I thought I was cute. In fact, I looked back me even 2 years ago and think ummm ok no.

   Yup, that is right; sit there and think back to the old you.  Not only have we grown as people, but SL in general has come so far. I still see some stuff from time to time that makes me go “are you serious” Bling? WHY.  And we have the shoes with the walking sounds… Heel click.  Sighs we all see you walking but thankfully there is a sound that will verify it for us.  Our eyes could be wrong.  Finally the ones that have been in-world for years and still has no AO and are 10 feet tall.  I guess to be honest, it is our SL to live the way we want to and no one is wrong. It is really a personal choice I guess.

   I have enjoyed coming into myself over the years. The changes the excitement of new things, new looks. New ways to look at the world around me. Seeing what others have made. Builders have built. And designers have come up with.  All in all SL is really an amazing place that lets you express the inner you.  Well, I have rambled enough for tonight. I do want to say. With the new year here I want to try to get here more to bring more your way. Any suggestions…..

See you next time

What am I wearing today……


Shape ** 100% originally MINE
Skin ** Ploom - Gia [Vanilla] Mermaid {Here}
Hair ** [elikatira] - Changes (retired) {HERE}
Ears ** :GAUGED: Elven Stretched Ears [Stars] {HERE}
Eyes ** Mayfly - Deep Sky Eyes (Persian Blue) {HERE}
Lips ** M I N D B U R Y - Mixed Lips{HERE}
Tattoo ** :Para Designs: Dirty Mehndi Tattoo ~ Version 2 {HERE}

~*~ Clothing ~*~
Shirt ** GAS [Los Angeles MESH Crop Top + Bra - 5x21 colors w/HUD] {HERE}
Pants ** .:cheeky:. booty Jeans! Blue Mesh {HERE}

~*~ Accessories ~*~
Piercing ** :Hebenon Vial: Liquid Silver {HERE}
Necklace ** ::B-UniQ:: Compass Necklace FEMALE {HERE}
Nails ** **{FORMANAILS}** PROMO Nail{HERE}
Ring ** JCNY - Athena, 'ICONOCLAST' Combo Wedding/Engagement Ring {HERE}

What is he wearing........

Shape **  KATHAARIAN - Fabian shape {HERE}
Skin ** the body co. – Elixir (06 tan) bald {HERE}
Hair ** -Entente- Yves Hair - B&W - Midnight Black {HERE}
Ears ** MANDALA Plug Omimi {HERE}
Eyes ** Ibanez Liquid Eyes – Basil
Have to contact the owner here the shop has closed Annie Ibanez
Beard ** Fruk Face Fuzz - The Stinger Beard Black {HERE}
Eyeliner ** Fruk Guyliner {HERE}
Tattoo ** ::Para Designs:: Celtic Ribbons Medium {HERE}

~*~ Clothing ~*~
Shirt ** REDGRAVE - T-Shirt LQMesh - 77-Imprint – REDGRAVE {HERE}
Pants ** Razor /// Cargo Faders {HERE}
Shoes ** * .:: deeR ::. * MESH higher vulcan shoes [Multi-Texture] BOXED {HERE}

~*~ Assessories ~*~
Piercing ** [MANDALA] (Male) _ silver_Mouth piercing {HERE}
Bracelet ** [MANDALA] OKAKI Bracelet/Black {HERE}
Sunglasses ** REDGRAVE - Sunglasses ZENITH / V1.1 {HERE}

 What is that stuff around you.....

Bedroom set ** Zen Creations - Summer Breeze NEW Zen Ultimate ADULT Menu {HERE}


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