Je Ne Sais Pas

Tu l'avais promis, la li, la laaa
Dis-moi je t'en prie, la li, la laaa
Tu l'avais promis, la li, la laaa
Dis-moi c'est comme ci ou c'est comme ça

So in case you didn't know. There is a new challenge thing for creators of kids stuff. And the items are limited so there's only so many of each one. And I only found out about this challenge through FB. And I'mma be nice enough to give you, the SLURL righhhhhhhhhhht here! Anyways, some of the stuff is really cute, so I figured why not blog it? This round is the Glitter Challenge. I got two items from the sale, two outfits for toddleedoo girls. One seen above, though I'm not wearing the full outfit (but when have I ever worn a full outfit?) Haha! I got things, Though they both came with a lot of stuff. Let's begin with the first one.

This one came with 2 outfits, regular and jammies. Though it could be 3 if you decide to wear the regular outfit the way I chose to. It has the jacket in slim and baggy, for babies and kids. And personally I think it's cuter without the skirt. Cause it's got that girly touch, but it's more like "I'mma be stylish while I destroy my outfit with dirt and mud." And not quite so "I'm prissy." They look like this though if you wear the outfit the way it seems in the ad. Last I knew of there were only 7 left, and it's 65$L soooo better hurry.

After that I bought the outfit, like right next to it. And sadly, I have not been able to get a picture of that ad from anywhere so, you'll just have to deal with mine! :D

Now, this outfit comes with a diaper for kids, and babies. And the jacket, as well as rigged mesh toddleedoo boots (which are awesome! I love theeeem. No stiff feet on your boots.), a stroller, a headband and a teddy bear (perfect outfit for most little girls? Well duh! I can't imagine why any little girl on SL who is a toddleedoo wouldn't want it. Especially because so many are like 2/3 years old. And while I will never use the stroller or the diaper because Ir turns 5 in 2 months, I do plan on using the bear and the outfit... especially the boots. I love the boots. Haha. There's not much more for me to say about either of these outfits or this event, other than.... well better get going quickly. Haha!

>.Iris Menna.<

Hat: (Milk Motion) wool-felt cat hat - stars - RARE
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Pompon Hair - Hair Band/Pompon - Pancake
Skin: [PF] Kumi <Peach> - Pure/Defined
Teeth Layer: ROMI~Teeth Tattoo (ROMI~Byeoli~TeethTattoo1)
First Outfit: [ello poppet] Glitter Challenge outfit 
Second Outfit: :BB: Glitter Challenge ToddleeDoo only


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