A Solution for Jealousy

Sorry but...
I can't cheer for you.
I hope it doesn't go well.
The worst thing you could wish for someone.
I'm cheering you badly like this...
...with this terrible personality of mine.

Sometimes I realize what a terrible person I am. Not because I do terrible things, but because of some of the things I secretly hope for. Nothing like everyone in the world to die. Not bad like that. Just sometimes I'm not as supportive of my friends and family as I should be. But everyone has those feelings right? When you love someone so much, that you have like selfish desires that you can't admit to them because you don't want them to get all mad at you.

How do you even deal with those kinda moments? Well like this. You sit... in this position... and don't talk to anyone while you wait for your moment of weakness to pass.

I generally do pretty dang well when it comes to my moments of weakness. I mean sometimes I get really weak and I just like... completely make a complete moron of myself and give in and make everyone be all like "OMG WILL YOU STOP ALREADY?!" And once it passes I go back to my reclusiveness.

Hashtag antisocial blogger who talks to her readers while she blogs but actually can't hold a real conversation to save her life!
(Is that too long for a hashtag? I don't know, I've never used twitter.)

ANYWAYS! You see this? Ir got a makeover! I think she's adorable. And OMG it was so hard to put together. Because I'm the kind of person who loves lots of things, but won't actually use it unless I feel it looks right on my avatar. I went through like 15 hairs before I settled on this one. No joke. And yes I ever finally went around looking for a new skin. And I actually like this one. It's free too.

This outfit is from a shop I'd never heard of before. But while I was hair shopping, I found this shop. {s.o} cute. Tping from place to place and somehow ended up at her mainstore. And apparently they've been open since march of last year, and maybe it was my really long hiatus that kept me from finding out about them, but I'm fairly sure if I hadn't of been hair shopping I would have never found them. Anyways, the stuff is actually really nice. It's well made, the colors are nice, and their shop is unisex. They make stuff for toddleedoo boys and girls. Which is nice, because a lot of stores are pretty dominate on which one they make stuff for. It's either mostly boy's stuff or mostly girl's stiff. But when I was looking around it was a fairly even amount of both. 

I have more stuff I need to post and I'll probably get them up this weekend. So I will see you later!
>.Iris Menna.<
Hair: *Dura-Girl*37(Sienna) [Taxi]
Skin: .::Mother Goose's::. YU(IV)-LB [Taxi]
Teeth: ROMI~Byeoli~TeethTattoo3 [Taxi]
Outfit: {s.o} boys jumper // grey [Taxi]


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