So. I logged onto twitter today, after like forever of not even thinking about it.... I wanted to ask Netty Scribbles a question... but couldn't think of a good one. >.> Ah well. And I've been thinking about doing a Q&A type post on here so that you all can get to know me better. But I'm not exactly sure what questions to answer. So if you guys have any ideas... just comment below and yeah... I'll answer them in another post. >.> I'm really not even sure anyone is going to ask any questions xD But hey, at least you have the option. So... ask away! :D

This outfit is from The Blossom. It's the paris outfit. And when I first got it I wasn't sure I liked it. It just didn't look good with my last hair to me. But then I got this hair from my mom for valentine's day. And well.. I loved it. The hair is fro Magika. It's newish and really cute I think. And it works really well with these glasses that I bought last month when I was doing Ir's makeover. I got them, and then I couldn't decide on the hair then when I did finally pick the hair the glasses didn't really work with the look. So I just gave up hope on using them. But they work so well with this hair. Happy about that!

And I went to one of my fav hang out spots. To take this pic. So if you want to stop by go for it. There's different areas, that you can just enjoy and walk around in. Hope everyone had a good valentine's day aka singles awareness day! And yes I'm aware this post didn't have a song with it. Sorry. The next one will though!
>.Iris Menna.<
Hair: Magika [01] Shade [Taxi]
Skin: .::Mother Goose's::. YU(IV)-LB [Taxi]
Glasses: Adjunct Eyewear - Resonance Glasses - Tortoise [Taxi]
Outfit: .The Blossom. Blossom Paris outfit TD [Taxi]
Location: Skye Neist Point [Taxi]


  1. I'm an arsonist in SL, (I promise I'm not in RL) so my question is if your house was on fire, what's the one thing you'd want to take with you?

  2. Anonymous3:57 AM

    What are your hobbies in SL? :3


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