We Run The Night

And when the bass gets loud, loud, loud,
That is when I feel a part, part.
And when the world sleeps sound, sound, sound, sound,
Well the sound is the key to my heart.

Holy crap, there's so much going on this month! So many new events running. And gatchas... lots and lots of gatchas. Now if you're like me you're addicted to gatchas. You love playing gatchas even though you are about as lucky as a rabbit who's lost his foot to be used for someone's keychain.

This hair came out in the Arcade last month, and I looked at the advert and was like, ew. That hair is awful. But just like every other round of the arcade where I've thought that about an item, it ends and I'm going OMG this hair is amazing I should have played the machine when I had the chance. And as you can see I have a new skin!

This skin... it's rather plain, but it's cute because it is. I'm looking at the picture now going, "I need to mess with my face shape." xD As most of you know Ir turned 5 last month. So yes... she's going to start looking less babylike. And it's hard to find the right balance. Because she's not a big kid anymore, but she's not a toddler anymore. Those awkward in between ages. But she finally old enough where she needs to go to school. (I'm so anti-social, I have a terrible time at school.)

And this outfit. This overall sets, if from Boomerang. This round of All The Little Things there are a bunch of new designers. It finally went monthly, and we got a new building with more space. And because Game of Thrones starts back up on the 6th (2 days away omg!) it was only right that while everything else on the grid was picking easter as the theme, we picked Game of Thrones. I put some of my favorites out on this really cute hanging pallet bed in my room. The bed is from Cooties, which is the female equivalent of Boogers. And so far I haven't been too disappointed. (Let's face it I'm not a girly girl. I'm obsessed with zombies and shows where lots of people die. I am not a normal child.)

There are two versions of this bed, Good Morning and Good Night. I liked the goodnight one best. But if you look over the bed there's a hanging lamp that are supposed to match the beds. Problem with me is, I hate putting too much of one thing out. Naturally I used the Good Morning lamp with the Good Night bed lol. I don't think it looks too bad, a little lopsided, just like my personality! Haha.

The broken egg on the floor you see is from Boggers and you can wear it like a costume, the bottom goes around you and you can wear the top like a hat. Unless you're like me and you put it on the floor and stuff one of his bears from last month at the arcade. Yes. The bears have been discontinued again, and I know some of you guys are crying because you didn't get all the ones you wanted. But it's okay. The Arcade opens back up in June! (So far away I know.) In the mean time you can trade what you have for what you want, or trade what you have for what someone else wants so that later you can trade it for what you do want.

So many things! Accessories! I love accessories! Because easter is coming up, I decided to fill up one of my cooties baskets with goodies from places this month! Easter eggs, and cupcakes. The cupcakes come in 2 versions, holdable or wear-on-your-headable. here's a bunch of different ones, and I used 2 of the rares. Of course I had to use the zombie bunny. He's even holding a brain. He's so cute I just want to eat him! And I think I will hehehe.

The basket is holdable, and comes in tons of colors, and 3 different basket options. The eggs are not holdable. xD Sorry. But they are hideable. (Can you find the hidden egg? You get a cookie if you do.) There's also this adorable button tiara, that I think it super cute lol. Sometimes even tomboys want to be a princess. And then there are the Shield and the Music Box.

I am a proud supporter of the House of Stark. I love the starks, I love what they stand for, I love the emblem, I love that no matter how hard they get it they always keep fighting. And their direwolves are cute. Winter is coming! These are probably my two favorite things from this round of All The Little things. Naturally when I do my real post for ATLT it's gonna be big, and these will be back in it. So I will talk about them later. :3 For now enjoy these things and go check out the events spend all your money and then blame me. I'll take the heat, it's okay. Lol.

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Maiko [Light Brown 1 / Yellow] [Arcade March '14]
Skin: .::Mother Goose's::.SooJi_01 [Taxi]
Eyes: [PixelSteam] Warm Eyes - Shadow (Medium)
Outfit: [B-Rang] House of Stark  Outfit [All The Little Things]

Bed: ~_* Cooties  *_~ Hanging Palette Goodnight [Family Flea Market]
Lamp: ~_* Cooties  *_~ Hanging Lamp Goodmorning [Family Flea Market]
Music Box: [TTT]  Stark Music Box [All The Little Things]
Cupcake Bunnies: [TTT]  Zombie Bunny RARE, Cookies & Cream Bunny RARE, Cookie Bunny, Mint Chocolate Bunny [Woodland Treasures]
Shield: B'rang Stark Shield [All The Little Things]
Eggs: <:*BoOgErS*:> Egg Hamster RARE, Bunny RARE, Purple, Peach [Woodland Treasures]
Tiara: ~_* Cooties  *_~ Copper Button Tiara [Cutie Moon Fair]
Basket: ~_* Cooties *_~ Squiggle Basket Natural [Woodland Treasures]
Bear: <:*BoOgErS*:> White Wabbit Bear [Arcade March '14]
Broken egg: <:*BoOgErS*:> Hatchling Egg Butt & Hat White [Woodland Treasures]
Clock: Toronto-Industrial clock [Taxi]


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