People tell me to be flawless

And I think I don't really get it.
I think it's all just a peculiar game.
And soon I'll wake up and I'll forget it.
And everyone will know me by a different name.

So I pulled from a bunch of different places for this post. We have some stuff from the upcoming round of ATLT, and Woodlands, and then some stuff from some stores. We'll start at the top and work our way to the bottom.

The only reason I got this hair was because, I have a friend and now every time I make a friend who is a designer, and she made these for the Woodland Treasures Gacha, and I know she plans on selling the kids and baby versions. So I was like, you have to make sure everything kid sized actually works or you're not allowed to sell it. 

(BTW if you make your own custom mesh for the TD body, it's easier to start with the kid size and scale down than to go from the baby size and scale up. When you do it that way sometimes it doesn't work properly.)

So she threw this shirt at my face and was all like "well fine then check." Little does she know, while I was being completely serious about that, I was also just trying to get her to give me something to put on my blog all sneaky like and whatnot. #SuperSpy (does that actually apply to this properly? I guess it's not actually spying... oh well)

In the background you see two items from the upcoming ATLT round with the theme of Once Upon A Time. This round opens April 5th. And the Mirror is a gacha prize, and the hat is wearable, I just never wear hats. As you notice I usually just put it on my hand or in this case, I hung it on the mirror.

And then there are the pants, they're part of a full outfit from Baby Pie. But the only part of it I used was the capris because I needed pants. And then there's all sorts of fun things on the floor, all of which are also going to be at ATLT for this round.

First there's this unicorn plushie. It's holdable, but I decided to sit it down on the floor and put a part of GPD Kid's Exclusive outfit on it. Which is that fabulously fancy little necklace you see on it. And then on the other side you see the "wond". Not sure if that's just for the fun of saying wond or if he actually spelled that wrong unintentionally. But none of that matters, what matters is the fun little sparkles that come out of it. 

And then there is the mirror. It comes in like 5 or six colors. With one rare, if you go look at the [Shopping Guide] you can find all the colors and everything else that'll be available this round, as well as all the full outfits and whatnot, since we all know I never blog an entire outfit from one store. xD

.Iris Menna.

/Wasabi Pills/ Suki Mesh Hair
1.{Fablehood} Bonjour Floral kid RARE
[PXL] OpenMouth Pro v2.0 w/Baby Teeth Add On
[TTT] - Freckles Normal
[AMITOMO]paul Tone2-1
*Baby pie* Denim Capris -Kid-Light Blue

{C} Fairytale Mirror- Loyal [All The Little Things]
Little Llama - I'm a Unicorn Hat (solid) [All The Little Things]
Little Llama - Fluffy Unicorn Plush [All The Little Things]
GPDKIDS The Good Witch Nacklace [All The Little Things]
GPDKIDS Magic Wond [All The Little Things]
Trompe Loeil - The Chatham Loft Skybox Light


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