When Will the Bass Drop?

When Will the Bass Drop?

I did this on a whim. So I'm not really going to take a whole lot of time to explain all this stuff. Just, these pants work well for Toddleedoo Babies, though the kid size shows through at the bottom of the calf, and you can't hide that without hiding your whole ankle. You just have to deal with it. I know this isn't the deisnger's fault, because it was a template she bought, but I did leave a message with the original creator of the mesh letting her know. But this just shows you, just because something works flawlessly on the baby size, doesn't mean it will work on the kid size sure thing. 

I did fix it in this picture so that you wouldn't see it. Because most kids are going to be wearing the baby size, so it won't matter to a lot of you. Just some advice, I've come across frequent issues like this repeatedly when it comes to kid sized TD mesh. Anyways, on to the credits!

.Iris Menna.
Hair: rezology Whisker Frisker (mesh hair)
Shirt: {ud} MagicT K [flawless] [Woodlands]
Pants: {ud} Ripped Jeans K [stonewash] [The Play Room]
Watch: {T.T}Sally watch [Limited 50] (Sold Out)

.snaphappy. Britney (1) [SL Vogue] (See Pack Here)
.snaphappy. Noir (4) [5th Ave] (See Pack Here)

Little Llama - Simple Bed (Dino) [The Play Room]
AF Vintage Camera w/ Tripod 2
JOMO Photo Frame A