Take Over The World

I'm not just chasin' these dreams.
I'm hiding out in the bushes, and then I wait 'til they leave
and jump out and pistol-whip 'em with my loaded ambition.

So here's a collaboration between me and Phlyn. Was working on a different post, and he messaged me. A little chat chat and he was like let's do a blog together. Three outfits later and this is what we came up with. Some boxers by snips and snails.

To find out what he's wearing check out his blog here!
And we took the picture here!
.Iris Menna.

I'm wearing
*Dura-Girl*59(Dark Brown)
[PixelSteam] Warm Eyes: Shadow
{BunBun} Sweetie Freckles Pack: Natural {No Heart} [@ Hello Beautiful]
[PXL] OpenMouth Pro v2.0 w/ Baby Teeth Add On
[AMITOMO] Paul - Tone 2
~ToddleeDoo - KidGirl (v.2.8)
[Little Nerds] Face & Full Body Freckles - TD: Body Freckles
{T.T}Sally watch
.S&S. Aiden's Briefs - Marine Plaid [TD Kid]


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