So Trust In Me

And it's a long way forward, so trust in me
I'll give them shelter, like you've done for me

I have been subscribed to the swag bag since the very beginning. And this is the first time I have used anything out of any of them lol. But that's fine. Cause this one came in handy. Originally I had an entirely different plan for this post, BUT I saw another blogger with the same idea and sadly she beat me to it. So I had to come up with something new. And that is how you guys got this.

You know how sometimes you see cute hairs on someone and you're like I need that in my life. This is not that hair. But it is a hair from the same store as the hair that I was like, I need that in my life! And then I bought  like 5 other hairs too, because, you know self control.

It's almost Halloween! Is anyone else having a horrible time trying to find that one costume this year that makes you go OMG YEEEEES! Gotta be ready for free bird trick or treat! And have to stop by Trunk or Treat too. See what goodies they have there this year even though everything I picked up last year is still in a folder called ToT'15 xD. If you also wanna stop by and pick up some halloween stuff (some of the stores have out some nice freebies too) here's the SLURL. Have fun!

Anyways! The music video today, was actually really good. Sometimes the hardest part of doing a blog post is my trying to find a song to listen to while I do it, which is usually the song I share with you guys. This one though cause my eye because the music video was actually a short film and anime. And watching it really got to my feels. If you decide to watch it, it's pretty good.

.Ivy Riverview.
Modulus - Macabre Alleyway [Swag Bag Oct'16]

*barberyumyum*61B [LM]
Salvadori - Charcoal 'Beverly' Oversized Frames [LM]
[Buzz] Serenity Eyes - Winter [LM]
- Paff - Bandana Scarf [LM]
{Little Miss} Bomber Jacket [LM]
{Little Miss} Gartered Shorts [LM]
{Little Miss} Tights - Brown [LM]
.gypsy heart. Grace Fringe Boots [BeBe Bundle Oct '16]

 [taketomi] Koji [LM]
**Cute Bytes** Ring Pierced Ears [LM]
{ud} Dreamers Eyes [Aquamarine] [LM]
BOY. "JAYDEN'S" Bubbly Jacket [LM]
BOY. Ribbed_knee joggers grey [LM]
Flite. court slides Blk metallic [LM]
{SO} Poses - Boo Rawr [BeBe Bundle Oct '16]


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