I'll Be Your Lifeline Tonight

'Cause we all get lost sometimes, you know?
It's how we learn and how we grow
Helluuu! I'm back with another cute outfit! So it took me forever to settle on which colors to use, because there were so many options and I didn't want to use the same color twice. But oh my goodness. It's so perfect for those kids who like looking like they dressed themselves.

And not to mention, all those fall colors! So beautiful. Where to start on this outfit though? I'm not entirely sure. I guess the hair; which can be found at The Chapter Four this month. Or if you're like me and terrible with gachas, hit MP and pick one up. It's cute, and simple.

The Cardigan and Scarf are currently at Ninety-Nine. Everyone always needs at least one scarf for the fall and winter. Nothing says Autumn like a warm cozy infinity scarf. She has a pair of shorts in her mainstore to to with the cardigan if you don't have a pair already that fits with it. But I like this pair from Des Lunes more. It's just a bit longer, and feels more like early fall shorts to me. But her new shorts are definitely a good idea for those who are just going into summer weather, or just like to pretend it's summer all the time.

And the boots, tights and socks are available at Little Miss's mainstore. So you know, while you're stopping by to pick up something else you love of their's, make sure you grab the boots. They're rigged mesh, cause I know that makes it more appealing lol.

.Ivy Riverview.

/Wasabi Pills/ Aiko Mesh Hair [The Chapter Four]
{Bad Seed} Bebe Moppet Mesh Head [The Crossroads]
[Z O O M] Levian Glasses [LM]
Enchantique. Knitted Scarf [Ninety-Nine]
{Little Miss} Fall Cardigan - Mustard *BABY [Ninety-Nine]
.des lunes. // dark denim shorts [LM]
{Little Miss} Tights - Green [LM]
{Little Miss} High Socks [LM]
{Little Miss} Casual Boots - Maroon *BABY [LM]


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