A Paper Crown

A paper crown, and a heart made of glass.
A tattered gown, and her kingdom of ash.

So I recently enrolled in Little Princess Academy and was sorted into Zircon on Sunday. Which was all great, until I got swept up in the shopping for my new uniforms and whatnot. Cause then I went ahead and started buying other things I didn't need as well. Like this mini-fridge, and the tapestry.

I'm not gonna lie, I am an impulse shopper. If I have money, and nothing planned for it, you can bet for sure that I'm gonna spend it on something I see and think for the briefest moment that I might need it. Or I could use it.

So I bought them, without a second thought, and then was like, lemme justify that with a blog post. Cause I mean I'll probably never use them lol. So here it is. The dress above is the dress that I (and three other girls) wore to the sorting. It's new from turducken. And I chose to forgo any shoes, because I'm lazy and didn't feel like going through the struggle of trying to find a new pair.

The hair is from truth, and is unrigged, and resize. And if you're good enough at editing separate pieces, you can absolutely make this fit any head. It takes a little work, but you can even make the bangs pieces shorter or longer if you'd like. The necklace is at Hello Beautiful, I'm not sure when this round ends though, so if you want it make sure you stop by and pick it up before it's too late.. So if you just need a cute little necklace to wear with your stuff, this is definitely a good one.

And then here's a little gif of all the uniforms that I bought. I almost bought more, but I figured that four was a good start lol. I have more posts coming soon. So make sure you keep an eye out. I'll be back tomorrow with another one... maybe the day after that. I'll have a new one up by Friday for sure!

.Ivy Riverview.

{ Bellybean } LPA ~ Zircon Tapestry ~ [LPA School Store]
NACH LPA Zircon Mini Fridge [LPA School Store]
[ keke ] star glitter [LM]

{Petite Bowtique} Cassie Necklace [Hello Beautiful]
Turducken ToddleeDoo - High Tea Gown - Peach [LM]

~*Buglets*~ TD LPA Uniform [Zircon] [LPA School Store]
(Just Jae) Zircon Fall Outfit [LPA School Store]
(Just Jae) Zircon Double it Up Outfit [LPA School Store]
[PS] LPA Sailor Uniform - Zircon [LPA School Store]

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