Cinema 2012

For everyone familiar with the Hottie Cooterati Experience, you know that their events truly are experiences. And for those of you who don't know who they are. This is possibly one of the best events of their's to go to. The full sim dedicated to one event in the form of going to the movies.

Cinema, is possibly the most amazingly decorated sim I've ever seen on SL so far. And the organization is just wow. When I first tped in, I didn't land at the landing point. But I was amazed. It looked just like the movie sections of the movie theaters. So I walk through the area, talking about how cute stuff was but I was disappointed in the lack of male clothing to my partner. I decide to go take a picture of the outside of the building and was mindblown. I wasn't outside of the building. In fact, I had been in a small single section of the sale. There are 80 stores, participating in Cinema 2012 and each of them have given their "theater" their own personal touch. 

Just so you can tell how big the building is I circled myself :D (Don't worry it's only one floor.)
7 labeled sections, with 12 to 15 stores each, help you guide your way to whichever theater your movie is in. Each "genre" has it's own specific wallpaper color, for easy identification on which ones you've already visited. How do you find which section you need to go to? Well at the Box Office of course! And if you want a snack, stop the concession stand. 

Now my SL kids like to rp, and I'm planning on bringing them here because this would be a great way to shop, and throw in a little RP. But be warned, if you bring kids, don't take them into the XXX section. Their poor little eyes! Even if you guys don't buy anything it's a great opportunity to rp, going to the movie, fighting over which one you want to see, going and watching them all. Sitting in the seats and pretending to watch the movie as if one were actually playing on the screen. Role Play potential isn't something you really see in very many events... like ever, and that is why the Hottie Cooterati does it best.

In order to get in you have to be under 50 scripts, which helps cut down on lag, A LOT. It opens tomorrow. The sim is closed until Cinema is officially open tomorrow, so no taxi just yet. The 13th to the 31st, so make sure you come back and go to check it out! Cinema 2012 is partnered with Fennux, which is this adorable new breedable. Check out the stand while you're here, it's right by the concession! For the full participant list check out their website:

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