50 Ways to say Goodbye

Hiii! I'm back! And I finally made it back to cinema! Woo! And I picked two outfits this time. One male one female. Not that there really was a lot of guy stuff to choose from. :/ I was Kinda disappointed by that, but there was lots of cute stuff for girls! I even picked up a couple's pose, and searched for a man who wanted a free outfit, and my co-worker from WHS, XavierMFirelyte, stepped up to the plate. So thanks! Without further ado the outfits.
pose: {.:exposeur:.} Body and Soul

This pose is really cute! I looked it and totally saw potential. Everyone knows I love Exposuer poses. Ruby's poses are so awesome, they are easy to make feel in the moment... with the right background. My picture right here looks totally staged. Anyways, the stool isn't included, I'm just seriously short when it comes to SL standards so I found this mesh stool for 50$L on marketplace.

This mesh outfit, comes in both a male and female version. It has multiple versions that give you the choice to look like an officer from whatever military branch you like. I think... I liked the greyish one, but he liked the red one, so I got him the red one. The guns and holsters are not included. so you can give that touch your own personal feel.

The shoes were from marketplace, and matched the belt well, so I bought those for him too, only 95$L.

Close-up of the mesh cake.... er... jacket >.> How did I get cake out of jacket? I have no idea. Anyways! The pants are mesh too. Yaaaaay Mesh!

And for the ladies, I picked out a cute skirt outfit from paper.doll! More details below!
The hair is from Wasabi Pills, I bought it a few weeks ago, but Wasabi pills is at cinema as well! Not sure if they have this one for sale there though.

The bodice, skirt, and tights are from the same shop, it's a compete outfit, but in parts that allow you to mix and match. The skirt is mesh, and comes in 4 colors, as do the body and tights, but the last two aren't mesh.

I found the boots on maketplace for 200$L, and it comes in a simple and studded version and in multiple colors as well, I think they work really well with this outfit.

Next is gonna be Calibur 88!
>.Iris Ventris.<
Outfit: Volstead ~ The Law ~ Burgundy
Shoes: Men's Shoes Oxford dress shoes - Cattivo - Mens Shoes Vanguard in Black
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Gloria Mesh Hair
Top: :Paper.Doll: Prowler Bodysuit: Black
Skirt: :Paper.Doll: Party Girl Skirt: Black
Tights: :Paper.Doll: Lace Tights
Shoes: ISON - girl panic boots (black)


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