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Now that I've gotten my daily dose of onomatopoeia, last night I went to Collabor 88. I've never been there before. Well I went once before, with a past mom, but didn't like it. But my old friend Kioko Roxan asked me to go with her. She was all like "this month it's Pink Flamingos" and I'm just like ._. I don't like flamingos... She laughed at me and was like it's a movie from before your time youngin'. Then asked me for an opinion on a dress. I told her it was aweful ._. She was like "it's from crybaby with johnny depp!" It's still an aweful dress. She didn't like the matching shoes though and I was like but you got the dress xD.

Anyways! I picked the mesh sailor outfit, cause it was cute, and with the hair I could work it retro styling type thing. Now the thing about Collabor 88 is, the cost of everything ends in 88, it's like 88$L or 188$L. I got this outfit, with the shoes and hair and took myself to the point of being broke. This shirt and skirt are mesh, the shoes.... are mesh? I think they're mesh, they seem mesh. So I will say they are mesh. The hair is not though.
The side of the skirt has a slit on both sides, the shirt has a gap in the back, but I think those add to the shirt's level of cuteness.

And the shoes are wedges with bows, come in different colors, that just about match everything!

The hair comes in two styles for each color, parted and with bangs. I chose to use the one with bangs because I'm fond of bangs. But the other one is cute too.
>.Iris Ventris.<

Hair: ""D!va"" Hair "Norma" (Citrine)
Shirt: R2 A/D/E sailor blouse white
Skirt: R2 A/D/E sailor skirt black
Heels: Ingenue :: Cindy :: Licorice


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