Okay, so at swagfest [taxi] I picked up a few things, but not a lot. Mesh isn't very female-based-male-shape friendly, so I can't use the mesh shirts. :< But I got pants! And Accesories! And shoes!

Okay so first lemme do a full outfit I put together.
The Baggy jeans are from Swagfest, but the shoes, tanktop and ears came from marketplace (btw, a lot of the stuff at swagfest you can find on marketplace from the creators, but the prices were cut at the sale.)

The tanktop comes with two versions, with and without the necklaces. The shoes come in a few other colors, and on the ears you're able to modify the plug/tunnel art! Yay! Very cute, I like the way this outfit came together with the baggy jeans, because I was worried it would be hard to find something that matched them well.

I also got a pair of shoes, I don't how they don't come with an alpha, and you can't copy them or remove the scripts. But I like them even with those few flaws.

And the pink jeans! OMG there were so many colors to choose from, and I almost went for the blue, but I'm trying to blog less blue stuff, cause I blog A LOT of blue. And the "guava" color was cute, So I went with that.

And I got these really cute sunglasses. The frames are color change, and I may have him make custom shades for all of my readers. Whatcha think? FI-WS or I-Suck? xD

My next post I'm going to gush about Cinema tonight!
>.Iris Ventris.<

Baggy Jeans: ::SC:: Swag Blue Denim Mesh Baggies
Skinny Jeans: - CHANDELLE - Pants Jen. guava
Sneakers: Boxset_PY_Flyman_II_Gray
Chucks: Kapone - Chucks Sneakers Leather silver
Glasses: ShadZ* Shut Up - Classic (Boxed)
Hair: [-B-] Brendon / +Blonde Pack+
Ears: :GAUGED: Human Stretched Ears [Tunnels]


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