Oops >.>

So I'm more behind than I wanted to be, and I'm going to be behind a little while longer. Last night my laptop ran so slow I couldn't make it function, I did a factory reset and I'm still DLing my main programs. But I have lots of outfits for you guys! The new round of Zodiac started 3 days ago, and I was going to post this last night BUT my laptop hated me. Hence the factory reset. But here's part one of something I thought of while at Zodiac!
So these shoes. O.M.G. I saw them and instantly had to have them. I couldn't decide which one I wanted more, the brown or the black, so I got both. And my daughter wonders where she gets her shopping habit from. It's totally her father. I only buy the necessities! >.> Erm yeah... totes. Anyways! (I sure say that a lot. Same with shall. How odd is that?) Any-uh, whatever. Okay so... moving on?.... that doesn't feel as natural.... Whatever.....
Okay! Anywho, I saw the shoes I had to have them, Scorpio is my sign irl, my bday is Nov 4th. Though with the new zodiac taking place this year, I'm no longer a Scorpio. (Fuck you, astrologists!) But I grew up a Scorpio; And Scorpio I shall stay! I decided to pair the shoes with the apron from the stall right next to it, and wear panties with the apron and nothing else, (fetish fantasy much? xD) I even put on one of my older skins from Mynerva, in fact it's the first one I got from them... I'm no so fond of this skin anymore. I really do prefer my current typical skin Kianna. The panties are day of the week panties from Gawk!, only 88$L on marketplace, comes in a black set and a white set.
The heels come in two zipper versions, you'll see the next version in just a few hours ^_^ and are rigged mesh, along with the apron. The apron also comes in a black and yellow jersey type look, though I don't like football, so I didn't get that, but it would go fabulously with the black heels! The heels also come in red, but I'm not fond of the color red.
Talk to you again soon!
>.Iris Ventris.<
Hair: .ploom. Aidyn
Skin: ~Mynerva~Isana Cream
Apron: Apponos Aprons: Zodiac: Scorpio Elemental
Panties: Gawk! White Mini Panties "Days of the Week" (MP Special)
Heels: [Decoy] Reuxi Ankle Boots - Brown


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