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Enjoy this music video! (Or skip it that's fine too; just thought you may like the background music)
Now onto the blog! Another male post as promised, with not as much to it, but still lots to it. But now that I actually look at it there's not >.> Oh well! It get's it's own post anyways.

Mesh jeans! Mesh, Oh How I adore you, except for the awkward space between the alpha and mesh that is sometimes noticeable. But I still adore you! These are from CESTAR, found them on marketplace, decently priced too. Only 199$L and comes in different shades and colors.

The shirt...s are from Journey. I layered them, so it's two different shirts, but they only cost 1$L each so it's all good!

The hair is from the Buried Junk Pack, It's called Eric and comes with the hat. The skin and whatnot, was blogged the night before last, so check out Poisoned for the rest of the details! :D
>.Iris Ventris.<
Hair: [-B-] Eric / +Bleached+
~Overshirt: Journey :: Men's Basic T-Shirts - White
~Undershirt: Journey :: Men's Henleys V1 - Black
Tattoo: Letis Tattoo :: Carpe Diem (sleeves) :: H918
Jeans: " Calca HD " Black
Shoes: Respect! Slip On Black Spiga Unisex


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