Writer's block :/

OMG I have had the worst writers block ever for these last two months. It sucks so bad cause I know my posts can be so much better and I'm so sorry. ;.; Anyways something else...

I got this outfit for a play I was forced into participating in. I played a mom and a wife. And I really didn't want to but Mikey forced me into it. So I did.

I also got this hair for the play, because I was told my avi looked too much like a teen to play a mom. Whatever! I like my youthful face. >:o

Anyways, this is from... ducknipple? I think it's ducknipple, seems like ducknipple's styling. It comes with the boots, shirt, and shorts, all in standard sizing, and it even comes with a shape for preferred proportions, but not mod, so good luck with the face lol.

Overall not a bad outfit, Love the boots.
>.Iris Ventris.<

Hair: Magika [01] Tomorrow
Outfit: SLX Outfit Hussle


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