Moonlight Shadow

Lost in a riddle that Saturday night
Far away on the other side
He was caught in the middle of a desperate fight
And she couldn't find how to push through
I've been so tired lately. I'm not sure why exactly, but I love sleeping. I can sleep 6 to 12 hours a day, which is really not good for you. But I'm okay with that. This is a rather lazy post. Like always, you know I'm not one to just use pieces from a single outfit in a single outfit. So like always, this top comes from a full outfit, but I think it works really well with these pants in a lazy sort of way. Both are color change, so tons of possibilities for matching outfits in this alone. But put the top with jeans or the bottom with a blouse and you have a casual outfit and something semi-formal.
>.Iris Ventris.<

Glasses: [ glow ] studio I say NO glasses (snake, silver) *The Arcade - Spring 2013*
Hair: .ploom. Nicola - Browns
Top: DN Mesh: Vintage Outfit w HUD - Sweater
Bottom: DN Mesh: Slacker Pants w HUD


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