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Okay so right now I'm just working on getting all of my backposts up so that I can put up my studio where I can do all my my pictures with a more homey background. And by studio I mean a skybox that I bought by accident >.>.... woops. But I paid a lot for it so I shant let it go to waste! So I'mma get that up and decorate some of it and toss in my pose stands and everyone shall love it!

This is a mixed outfit with pieces coming from 3 different stores, not including the glasses or the hair. But if you do include the entire look it's like 7 different stores. But no one ever really takes full outfits from  blogs right? Anyways, the top of from Le Fleur and while it's called night robe I think it looks like a regular shirt with these two other pieces, one being the waist high jeans from Fiend and the thigh high sock shoes from ducknipple. They don't match exactly but they look close enough were they work together in actuality.
>.Iris Ventris.<
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Momo Mesh Hair [taxi]
Skin: .ID. Elena / The Arcade / Freckles [taxi]
Ears: BB* Basic Pointy Ears FATPACK (set of 9) [mp]
Glasses: Karacter l Executive Glasses l GIFT [mp]
Top: La Fleur: Nightwear Robe - Pink [mp]
Jeans: [FIEND] FUBear - Highwaist jeans - Black [taxi]
Shoes: DN Mesh: Socks & Shoes: Pat w HUD [taxi]


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