Flawed Logic.

I've been really bored lately. All I do is cook, clean and stand around in world. So I did a bit of exploring. And I decided to take a look into the world of Gor. And shit is looooong. Like just to find out about it they wanted me to read like 99 notecards that summarized all the books. I was like what the hell? But anyways. So I decided to be lazy and talk to people, and a few of them were kinda useless. Okay all of them were useless. 

You're probably thinking, Ew. gor. Yeah yeah, Gor is full of pervs. But I had a mom who was into gor. And she liked the combat side to it. Apparently Gor is based on this long ass book series about this male dominated planet. And there's slaves, and free people, and it's like medieval rp except even more sexist. Honestly, I was way too lazy to have to read all of that crap just for a simple rp. It was by far too complicated for me to get into. Not really the kind of thing you can decide to do on a whim. 
But that's beside the point. I got this outfit. and it's got the combat thing going on kinda. A high waisted skirt, arm warmers, pants, boots and a shirt, this outfit was only 100$l. It also comes with a hat and shoulder spikes, but those aren't really my thing so I vetoed them. 
But the outfit is really cute, and works really well for foresty, type pictures.
>Iris Ventris.<                                  
Hair: Magika [01] Early
Outfit: ! Cellar Door Espen


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