Shan't We Dance?

I haven't really blogged any stuff just for toddleedoo boys. Well not exactly just for boys, cause anyting a boy can wear so can a girl, but I mean directed more towards the boys of the family world. So I stole my bf's child alt and decided I shall publicize his wardrobe for all of the TD boys of SL! You're very welcome ^_^.
So the first thing I have is a shirt he got for Christmas. It's a sweater, and it's got a squif on the back, it's cute, and I would say definitely stayled just for boys. I couldn't see myself wearing this, even as a tomboy.

The jeans are a freebie gift thing from Zozo. She sent out a test sample of a new thing she wants to try on her jeans and it's so nifty! I loved it and loved how it was just jeans. I works great for when you love a shirt from one place and hate the bottom or for those things that are just shirts. It comes with leg prims and it automatically attatches to you when you touch the prims after rezzing it out. I can really see that becoming really popular, really fast. I hope it does, cause it's awesome.

The shoes are from the Boogers adventure kid outfit. They work with lots of outfits because they are so plain. You'll see a few more ways to make these jeans and shoes work with other outfits to come.
>.Iris Menna.<
Hair: *Dura-Boys&Girls*36 Light 7 color Fat
Skin: ![Lee] JaeHo Lee skin 001
Shirt: ZoobatosSquid (tran/nocopy)
Pants: Jeans test ( rp ) from ZoZo's
Shoes: <:*BoOgErS:> Adventure Kid TODDLEEDOO Outfit MP


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