Anything Can Happen

So Today is Easter, and tomorrow is April Fool's day. And one thing I've noticed about SL is, for some reason, anytime a holiday comes up, girls feel the need to wear the most cliche and slutty outfits they can find. I went to a club friday, and I swear every girl was wearing one of those bodysuits with a bunny tail. Not only was it slutty but most of them weren't even that pretty. Why is everyone on sl afraid to do something less obvious. When I think of Easter I think of when I was a child, and I always got to wear the prettiest dresses that were poofy and when I twirled they went out and waved. And how I was never allowed to dress up in them except on holidays for pictures because I wasn't lady-like and I would sit around with my legs wide open and stockings on, but I felt like a princess because even though I hated my teeth, cause they were a little too big for my face and I was always getting picked on for them and my last name, I felt gorgeous. 
I think about dying Easter Eggs with my mom and dad and the Easter baskets FILLED with so much candy you'd think it shouldn't be possible for someone to eat all of it in one day.The morning you'd wake up, and run out to see the Easter basket and then run and wake up your parents cause you couldn't wait to get into all that candy. Getting in trouble for eating all of the candy, the stuffed animals, and Easter egg hunts, with the little plastic eggs filled with candy, and money, and toys and little plastic rings. This is what I think about when I think of Easter.
And honestly I miss these things. I miss the innocence of childhood, when the most complicated things got was someone was bullying you or you got grounded for something little but it was the biggest deal ever to you because all you were was like 8 or 9, and the idea of not being able to go outside, or watch tv was the worst thing ever. Of course now things aren't like that. Kids just lose their cellphones and laptops, and parents can't get them to go outside for their lives.
Sometimes I just like to think about, how if everyone on sl decided to maybe try a different style than what's expected maybe there would be so many more different outfits to buy. Don't you agree?
>.Iris Ventris.<

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Momo Mesh Hair - Reds Pack
Headband: [monso] My Bunny Band - Black
Ears: BB* Basic Pointy Ears FATPACK (set of 9) - Type B
Glasses: Karacter l Executive Glasses l GIFT
Skin: .ID. Elena / The Arcade / Freckles
Cuffs and Necklace: from SLX Outfit Starred
Dress: DN Mesh: Layla Dress w HUD
Shoes: DN Mesh: Studded Boots - UNISEX w HUD


  1. Great post - loved and agree with what you said!


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