Beautiful Day

I've got you, I'm never blue, 
Close my eyes, and my wishes come true, 
Need you so, you'll never know, 
Come what may, it's a beautiful day.

Yesterday was so fun! I hardly got any sleep, and no I still haven't been to bed. I'll go after this post. Or maybe a little after that. I don't know yet. BUUUT I have a new outfit! Yaaaay. This time it's a casualish-businessy outfit. Made up adjectives FTW!
This outfit is made up of items from multiple outfits. The dress comes from La Fleur and comes in different colors and designs. This is the solid black, it works well with this nearly free non-rigged mesh from even.flow. I paired both of these with the Club Diva belt from [FIEND], which comes in the Club Diva skirt, both parts are seperate, rigged mesh and comes in multiple colors, and sizes. I'll probably blog the skirt at a later date. 
The heels are rigged mesh, hailing from Gos. Can you possibly have enough shoes from gos? The correct answer is only if you own the fatpack of every shoe. If you do not, then no. You don't have enough shoes from Gos. Now I hadn't bought any mesh heels from gos before so I was iffy. Especially because my skin was one from the arcade, (which is still going on) so the chances of them having the skin color pre programed was slim, but OMG I was so happy! Not cause they had the color, cause they didn't but the HUD was so easy to use! No joke. I'll probably buy more shoes from them now just because the hud is so simple. It was even pretty easy to get the skin tone to match without having to keep tinting and untinting and retinting.
I think all four of these came together fabulously. And just incase your wondering, the furniture in the background is the Blogger's Office from What Next. It's not mesh, but it's still nice. I put it in my living room because I got a new house, and I had so much room to fill. But this filled up that corner pretty nicely, all I need are a few more picture frames, something to put near the door and I'll be basically done! Minus the garage. When the house is completely finished I'll post pics on flicker for you all to see.
>.Iris Ventris.<
Hair: Magika [01] Tomorrow
Glasses: Danielle Black Glasses by INSOLENCE
Makeup: (Eyes) ~Mynerva Cosmetics~Smokey Onyx, (lashes) .ploom. Lashes 6, (Lips) ee. Fashion Lip Colours - Natural Pink
Eyes: [PixelSteam] Shadow Eyes (Regular)
Piercing: [-B-] :Basic Piercings: - Labret (No Shadow)
Scarf: even.flow - Essential Scarf "blue"
Dress: La Fleur: Office Mesh Dress : Black
Belt: [FIEND]ClubDiva Belt(BOXED)-Silver
Heels: [Gos] Boutique - Marilyn Sandals - Black Patent
Skin: .ID. Elena / Arcade / Freckles / Light *The Arcade - March 2013*
Pose: .{PSYCHO:Byts}. Pose Pack- Pose 01 *Whore Couture - March 2013*
Furniture: [what next] The Blogger's Office

Yup, with lyrics come the song, enjoy! Just heard this song for the first time when picking the title of this post.


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