Song without Words

This is a song without words
Except those
And those...
And those...
And those....
And those

This is the second year I've gone to the Kawaii fair, and both times I expect Japanese/Asiany cute shit. And like always there's nothing there. I mean not absolutely nothing. Obviously there's stuff there, but not what you'd expect from something called "Kawaii".
かわいい [ka-wa-ee], "lovable", "cute", or "adorable". How does any of that seem to say slutty stuff to you? This should be the one event where all of us Otakus can come out and get our fill of anime and Japanese styled stuff. Maybe some harajuku stuff. But no. There's very little stuff that even seems affiliated with Japanese culture at the fair. It's disappointing. D: So sad now.
But I felt it would have been a waste of time if I hadn't of bought anything, so I bought the kawaii pillows, which are actually really cute but not clothes. And I got this dress. So it wasn't a total waste. The dress has 4 different options for pattern. But I liked this one more. Then I realized later that my last post for the kawaii fair last year had orange as a main color too. Maybe I like orange more than I thought.
So as for my clothing haul from the Kawaii fair, it's limited to the dress, and only this dress. Then I headed to Love Soul, and got a few things from that place too. The store is so cute, and I love the whole asiany feel. The people there were speaking Japanese too so I think it's a legit Japanese store. Really cute, and the food and stuff really cute too.
>.Iris Ventris.<
Hair: [ Love Soul ] Hair*102*Ash Brown
Dress: !Q.B! Big in Japan~Sushi
Food (right hand+mouth): [Love Soul] Japanese"TAKOYAKI" Pack
Drink (left hand): [Love Soul] Shaved Ice*Green Tea*(attach)
Shoes: R2 "kapua" Carmain

Ongaku! :D


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