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So I decided to check out Tableau Vivant. Because a lot of people who see my little in world always ask where I got her backpack from, and they kept asking if they had the gatcha at the store or if it was only at the arcade. (It was only at the arcade for those who wonder). But I found these really cute male skins here. And I knew I had to get one.

Actually most of this is from stores I hadn't really shopped at before. The hair is from a store I'd never heard of, as are the shoes. but both are really cute. The hair was a style I thought I actually wouldn't like, but I always get male hairs with bangs, and I wanted to try something new with my new skin, so I hopped on marketplace, saw a demo from this store and decided to stop in at the inworld shop and take a look around. The shop was nice, clean looking, and small. Very simple but organized, made everything easy to find. I tried on almost every demo before deciding on this one.

The skin wasn't easy for me to pick, there were three different shades I liked, this one, one shade lighter and one shade darker. I finally settled on this one, the one between the two. So I bought the pants, because I needed new male jeans, I could only wear the duke jeans for so long before I just needed new ones. And the shoes came last. They're fairly cheap, and color change, not to mention mesh. So it's a win all around. The pants come in two different colors but the details of the jeans are color change, even though you can't see them because of the jacket.

The shoes give you the option to change each part of the shoe on it's own and on just the left or the right, so there's a ton of different options for what you can pair these with. I'm fond of this look, And honestly I really wanted to do this topless with a single sleeve tattoo, but people don't really make a lot of those, because I guess they aren't as popular as the pairs of sleeves. Ah well, I'll find one eventually.
>.Iris Ventris.<
Hair: [Atro Patena] - Victor_Brown [taxi]
Skin: ~Tableau Vivant~ Marilyn skin - Tone 04 [taxi]
Jacket: DN 2Basic - Male [6] [taxi]
Jeans: =Razorblade Jacket= Hoon Faded Cords /// Black w/ Hud [taxi]
Shoes: PURF - Walker SOLID [MP]


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