Atmosphere feels right, under the strobelight.

Dance floor looks like the middle of the day.
Disco ball is bright like sun rays.
When midday turns into midnight.
It's just like the moon with the strobelight.

I have been so tired this week, it's not even funny. I was cleaning and working, and cleaning again. But I'm so excited because I'm going on vacation soon! Gonna go visit some of my family and go to the beach. I'm not exactly a beachy type of person, but I am a shopping kind of person, and this means I get to go buy a new bathing suit!

I actually really like these pants, they are very relaxed and they come with the shoes. Bonus! I hate trying to find shoes that work with some mesh jeans, it's hard. And sometimes you get tired of wearing the same pair of shoes over and over. Both parts of this outfit come from DuckNipple

I picked this top, mostly because the color works well with the jeans. I mean of course they are color change like almost everything from 20.Five is, but it doesn't mean all of the colors work together. I think the pink of this top work well with the off-green yellowish tint of these jeans. I picked white shoes because I think the white and the black accent the outfit even more than the colors do already.
>.Iris Ventris.<
Hair: ::Exile:: American Woman: Natural Fusion - Leather
Skin: .ID. Elena / Arcade / Freckles / Light
Glasses: [ glow ] studio I say NO glasses (snake, silver)
Top: 20.FIVE Mesh - Lifted
Jeans: DN Mesh: Lazy Jeans & Shoes w HUD


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