(The part of this song that I like doesn't have lyrics >.> sorry! Lol.)

More mesh from Soken, this time I got two freebies, because the arcade starts tomorrow and I really want some of the stuff from there, and I'm kinda broke. So I give you cheap stuff that you can get free! It's not ugly or bad quality though, so at least you can be happy about that.

Rigged Mesh for regular kid avis. The both come in different colors, but these are the free versions. And usable with stuff from different shops, or even other stuff from the shops, minus the full outfits of course.
>.Iris Menna.<

Shirt: [SKM] Cars Turtleneck Double Shirt MESH BOXED
Pants: [SKM] Shady Black Denim Jeans MESH BOXED


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