What if the world were made of donuts? (Replacement post!)

What if your dad was made of rainbows?
You would be like;
"OMG! That's lame I want a dad made out of ninja robots!"

Totally accidentaly went to delete a draft and deleted the post that covered this outfit.... so I'm reposting it, cause I still loves it. >.> And I love my readers cause you'll fergive me fer it :3. I know you will. Right?

Anyways, I have no idea what I orignally put here, so unfortunately I have to write a whole new thing while trying to remember. Bear with me. Here we go!...

I luvs this outfit, for more reasons than one. Where to begin? Okay so. I got this outfit a few days before it came out and I paid like double your charge to be the first with a copy of the outfit :3. It was a win win for us both. Now, Todd. Todd is a punk, in attitude and style. When I first saw the outfit, he only showed me three styles, so I thought, oh this is it? Well they are nice, I like them. Gimmie the middle one. Gimmie gimmie. (This conversation is completely ad-libbed by the way because I lost my chatlogs somewhere in my pc when I had to reinstall firestorm last night.)

So I weared it, and I luved it and stared at myself thinking, omg I'm so cute. And I tried out a few different skins and hairs and saw the outfit had lots of potential. But then I checked MP and saw that Diiego had also seen the lots of potential.

There's a ton of different colors and styles. He was like "Look! Nerd style! Punkified! Girly! Simple! You want casual?" And I didn't even finish looking at all the different colors cause... I have the attention span of a squirrel. :3

But it's great, cause not a lot of places make mesh, or even pay attention to clothes for regular child avis. I know because I've looked. The only places I've noticed that are dedicated to mesh for regular kids are Loki and Soken. Which if I played on my boy avi more then yeah I'd probably shop there a whole lot more. Actually Ir will be shopping there in about another year or so.... maybe a year and a half cause she'll be 5. Meaning that she'll be almost six and outgrow the TD (oh no what will I do?!).

Trends pass and fade but it's nice to know that creators aren't completely forgetting the original child avatars. Back before the tiny tot, even.
>.Iris Menna.<

Hair: *Drot* - The Kenny - Dark Chocolate
Skin: *Zanzo* Kosei ~ Haniji (Blueberry Tide)
Outfit: [SKM] Frat Full Sweater Vest Shirt Pants MESH BOXED
Shoes: PornStar Slip-ons MultiColor


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