Figli Delle Tenebre

Siamo tutti schiavi
Figli delle tenebre
Condannati al mondo delle favole
Tutti schiavi uniti dalle tenebre
Condannati a vivere le favole
We are all slaves
children of the darkness
condemned to the world of fables
all slaves united by the darkness
condemned to live fables

I'm loving this song! You know those songs you listen to on repeat for hoooours? Yup it's one of those. And I've spent most of my time awake listening to it and dancing badly in the privacy of my room.

More mesh from Soken! "Iris! Why are you still a boy?" Cause my boy is so cute! :D And full of swag might I add. This time I used a hoodie and jeans, and I got shoes, because my parents complain when I go into public barefoot.

Better picture of the outfit here ----->
(with a hat and different piercings cause I don't plan on sharing those anyways).
"Wait, peircings? How old is this kid?!" 9?
"And he has piercings?" Yup. He's a bit strange.
"..." ^_^

Anyways, I still have 4 more posts to do tonight, so I shall see you in a bit!
>.Iris Menna.<

Hat: RO - Monster Snapback RARE
Hair: [Atro Patena] - Hector_Brown
Skin: *Zanzo* Kosei ~ Haniji (Clean)/(Blueberry)
Jacket: [SKM] Mathie Zip Up Hoodie MESH
Jeans: [SKM] Sunbleached Cargo Pants MESH
Shoes: Loki Mesh Sandals - Brown Leather


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