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So it's coming up on that time of year here in the us where everyone looks forward to one thing. Fireworks! Yes the forth of July will soon be upon us, and Soken Kids Mesh is throwing a week long party leading up to the big day. Not only are there parties [taxi] every night [event schedule] but there's also tacky flag themed clothes! :D

And I know what you're thinking. "Did she really just call something tacky?" Why yes, yes I did. I've never been a fan of the whole holiday themed outfits. Of having something you can only use once a year. But I know people who love holiday themed outfits. There's stuff for regular sized kids, and toddleedoos, even some for this other mesh avatar I'd never heard of and can't remember the name of.

Of course not all of the outfits are holiday themed, there's some nice stuff too. A few holiday themed things that are a little less obviously fourth of julyish. The poster up top kinda explains most of it, haha so I don't have much to say, but omg talking to Diiego is some of the most fun things you can ever do. 

So I was talking to him, asking about what he wanted me to do for this post, and haha. you gotta read it...
[2013/06/24 17:29]  Todd Sparkles (vladimirtodd): when you say post pictures, do you mean of the event?
[2013/06/24 17:29]  Diiego Thorn Stone (diiego.levane): i saw your post
[2013/06/24 17:29]  Diiego Thorn Stone (diiego.levane): its was awesome
[2013/06/24 17:29]  Diiego Thorn Stone (diiego.levane): :D
[2013/06/24 17:30]  Diiego Thorn Stone (diiego.levane): well it doesnt matter what i tell you   LOL u end up doing what u think is best and that is so sexy
[2013/06/24 17:30]  Diiego Thorn Stone (diiego.levane): :D
[2013/06/24 17:30]  Diiego Thorn Stone (diiego.levane): u made average joe look great
[2013/06/24 17:30]  Todd Sparkles (vladimirtodd): did you just call my blog sexy?
[2013/06/24 17:31]  Diiego Thorn Stone (diiego.levane): i think im gonna change the name to Todd's Tales
[2013/06/24 17:31]  Diiego Thorn Stone (diiego.levane): yes i did
[2013/06/24 17:31]  Diiego Thorn Stone (diiego.levane) inocent face
[2013/06/24 17:31]  Todd Sparkles (vladimirtodd) dies laughing
So I got one of the strangest complients of my blog ever haha. And shortly after that.. 
[2013/06/24 17:33]  Diiego Thorn Stone (diiego.levane) facepalms
[2013/06/24 17:33]  Diiego Thorn Stone (diiego.levane): youre like a reporter, now i have to be careful on what i say
[2013/06/24 17:33]  Todd Sparkles (vladimirtodd): nah I won't quote everything you say
[2013/06/24 17:33]  Todd Sparkles (vladimirtodd): just the parts that entertain me
[2013/06/24 17:34]  Todd Sparkles (vladimirtodd): like calling mah blog sexy
[2013/06/24 17:35]  Diiego Thorn Stone (diiego.levane): awww
[2013/06/24 17:35]  Diiego Thorn Stone (diiego.levane): that is so sweeeet
[2013/06/24 17:36]  Diiego Thorn Stone (diiego.levane): so you wont quote where i tell you that u pick my nose when i design
[2013/06/24 17:36]  Diiego Thorn Stone (diiego.levane): that I*
[2013/06/24 17:36]  Diiego Thorn Stone (diiego.levane): d#m that came out wrong, great timing for the typo
[2013/06/24 17:37]  Todd Sparkles (vladimirtodd): Oh that's gonna be quoted too
[2013/06/24 17:37]  Todd Sparkles (vladimirtodd): Now everyone will know I pick your nose when you're creating outfits xD
[2013/06/24 17:39]  Todd Sparkles (vladimirtodd): what a wonderful convo xD
You should go to the party and have a nice little convo with him too. I'm sure he'll make you giggle.
 My cat just broke a lightbulb, so I have to go clean it up. Here's a few pics of some of the stuff here.
>.Iris Menna.<

Hat: Ardymesh - Super USA Cap (gift)
Shirt: [OT] USA Flag Shirt - Reg Kid (gift)
Shorts: [SKM] Red White and Blue Jeans Shorts MESH BOXED


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