I will eat your face, and she'll eat your snowcone.

Our love needs no name.
We got a thing, we can’t explain.
Don’t care what people say, let’s call it
Whatever Whatever

Aint my new gf cute?! Just kidding! She's not cute.
Haha I'm kidding, I'm kidding. She's not my gf, and she's kinda cute... but only sometimes. This lovely little lady made the outfits you see us wearing. Which are currently 50$L at the TD event All The Little Things. Yup, it's that time again. THE ARCADE! But not only the arcade, everything's restarting. ATLT started on sunday along with the Arcade, and the family flea market reopened today. Woodland treasures restarted, and some other stuff too I bet. So yes, you will be going broke this month! :D Since she was so nice to pose with me let's start with what we're wearing!

Kaitlyn owns the toddleedoo store Lil Big Me, and I was asked to blog this pose. Which means I needed a second person. And not just anyone would do. Oh no, I needed someone who is just as cute as me. And that's hard to find cause let's face it I'm the cutest kid on the grid! "OMG! Shut up, Ir. Every kid thinks they're the cutest kid on the grid. But you're all wrong, cause I am!" Tch, whatever! Lol.

Anyways, these outfits are at this month's round of ATLT. Along with some of the decorations. The tent, the fire, the bucket of worms and the bag of marshmallows. And this round's theme is Family Camp Out. So everything is all about getting down and dirty. And some of it's from the arcade; the sleeping bag, the fairy in a jar, and the telescope. Now about this pose is one of the poses available from GlamRUs poses at this month's family flea market which can be found here this month! :D And I have to get back to trading LOL. So, I shall end this post here and let you all get shopping as well!

|She's Wearing|
Outfit: .:LBM:. Bugs are Ikky Outfit [All The Little Things]
Freckles: *YS & YS* Claire Freckles
Blush: Spring Seasons Hunt - Sacred - Add-on Rosy Cheeks
Skin: .::Mother Goose's::.Charmy(A)1 [Taxi]
Hair: [e] Rush - Blonde 01
Tongue: ::TA Ultimate Tongue 2.0

|I'm wearing|
Outfit: .:LBM:. Lil Camper Outfit [All The Little Things]
Glasses: * S O R G O - BELL Shades / DARK (G)
Skin: .::Mother Goose's::.SooJi [Taxi]
Hair: *ARGRACE* TAKUMI - Dark Browns [Taxi]

.GlamRus Kidz. Gimmie [Family Flea Market]
Slightly modified head angle with Animare HUD

[RD] Campfire [All The Little Things]
Macaron. Color Change Tent & Rug [All The Little Things]
.S&S. Sleeping Bag - Hot-dogs [Arcade June '14]
!Ohmai: Lady Bug Fairy Terrarium [Arcade June '14]
.:LBM:. Lil Camper's Worm Bucket [All The Little Things]
.S&S. Blue Stand Telescope [Arcade June '14]
[TTT] - Marshmallow Bag [All The Little Things]


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