Hum Hallelujah

It's all a game of this or that, now verses then.

They're better off against worse for wear.
And you're someone who knows someone,
Who knows someone I once knew,
And I just want to be a part of this.

A new sale is going to be starting soon, called Material Girls. And I actually went and took a look before set up, just to see how the layout would be, and it seems like it may be pretty nice. Hopefully there's gonna be some nice stuff there too. A new round of PSR starts soon too, and I'm really hoping for some nice stuff that'll give me some inspiration for this round. Like the beach house did kinda. Anyways, this outfit, I put together for my dad's date with his girlfriend, who he married tonight. And it was just so cute I had to get it for myself too. The outfit itself is pretty simple, a dress, some fishnets and boots with a bracelet and necklace, but it comes together really nice when you put it with a hair that has bangs. It's simple but elegant yet casual at the same time, and these fishnets go with so much.

I took this picture at this really pretty sim I found recently, Hazardous [Taxi]. Now this place, is really scenic and a great place to go on date night, or if you're like me and just like to sit in pretty places. There's an area to dance and plenty of places to just sit and watch the time pass, and you can sit there and play with windlights for hours and just admire how everything looks there. I'm not going to sit here and try to tell you what all is here and which spots you have to see because I really don't know the words to do it justice. So take a look and enjoy the scenery.
>.Iris Ventris.<

Hair: Magika [01] Tomorrow
Dress: [R3] Penny Dress [V1]
Bracelet: **RE** NOX Alegoria Bracelets 1.1
Stockings: erratic / fishnet thin / black
Boots: :.Envious.: Carter Boots Black*


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