Mmm pizza

Have you tried the L I F E hud yet? I mean, I know a lot of kids have an a lot of the littler ones gave up on it pretty quickly because they were having to potty all the time. But I like it. Maybe cause I'm not that little and I don't gotta pee all the time.

Sometimes it's a little inconvenient, like when I get really hungry and have to eat like 4 plates of food, but ya know. It happens. When you're growin you gotta eat a lot, and pee a lot, and sleep a lot. I'm lazy though, so I don't mind sleeping a lot. Haha. It's kinda like the sims though, on SL. Minus that weird green diamond over your head.
>.Iris Menna.<

Hair: Yasyn - Jaejoong - Seal Brown
Shirt: [SKM] 5 Seconds Polo Shirt MESH
Shorts: [SKM] Creme Plaid Bermuda Shorts V.2 MESH
Feet: Loki Mesh Legs& Feet - Tone01 - SMALL


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