The Path to Eternal Happiness, I found it!

Yes, thank you. 
Hello everyone! 
I will be your host today!
It's you again, isn't it? 
Did you cut your hair?
You didn't? Oh I see.
Everyone, you've been waiting haven't you?
The Game of Guilt! Let's give it a whirl!

SL is currently buzzing. Why? We all know why. It's almost March. And what happens in March? The Arcade. Oh yes. The Arcade. And like always everyone has a wish list that can go on for miles. My wishlist? Well we all know how I work. I make a list. And by the end of the month it's tripled in size.

BUT! THIS TIME! I actually got the bears I wanted! I have horrible luck with gatchas. I'll want a common and I'll get a ton of commons and some rares but never the common I wanted. I've become of those savvy traders, who will memorize who has what I want and what they want then trade like 7 times to get the item they want so I can get what I want. xD I know I'm not the only one who does this.

Anyways! Boogers has more bears. Yes bears. The famous boogers bears that everyone wants. (On a side note, if anyone has a walker bear from last round that they are willing to part with, I'm seriously looking for one. O.O Like seriously... I want one. C'mon it's from last round >.> It's so old... you don't really want it anymore do you? :3 I'll take it off your hands.) And this round the bears are adorable. He's got Carl! Carl eating pudding. Who doesn't love Carl in the walking dead? Seriously. You can't say if you watch the show that he's not one of your favorite characters.

Along with Carl, Britney, Beyonce and Dr. Who are all guest starring at Booger's Arcade Round. But my favorite this round.. not even one of the 4 rares. No mine is the Dead Bear. Zombie. Nuff said. And yes. This bear will be making another appearance later this month. Twice actually. Because there are more zombie related items coming out from DRD. And I want that zombie face. D:< (Make a note of that. Ir wants the zombie face... so if you get it... and I don't have it... I'll sell my soul! :D)

And the outfit that I decided to pair with it came from this round of All The Little Things. Well the pants and the shirt. This round both Snips & Snails and Just Kidding joined the team. And this is they both put out some amazing pieces! I love this triangle top. But I love yellow >.> So maybe a little bias there. But this top worked so well with these pants that I had to blog them together!

The boots are also from Just Kidding. Fully rigged cute as heck custom mesh boots. They make their own mesh. And it's all really nice. I told Alura she need to make uglier stuff cause I can't afford everything I want to buy. She laughed at me and thanked me. Then her store was so mean to me and wouldn't rez when I went back to buy the boots. Talk about instant karma.

God I love this bear. ._. It's so cute! And amazing. And... and... I love zombies. All the little things opened on Monday, and there's a lot of cute stuff all for toddleedoos and everything is 50$L. I'll be blogging more of all of it. But for now this is what you get. I'll make sure to feature more bears throughout the month. :3 Especially in the big post that I'm working on.

Well I have more planning to do! So take a look, prepare for the arcade and I shall see you in my next post.

>.Iris Menna.<
Hair: Magika [01] Shade [Taxi]
Glasses: Adjunct Eyewear - Resonance Glasses - Tortoise [Taxi]
Skin: .::Mother Goose's::. YU(IV)-LB [Taxi]
Body: ~ToddleeDoo - BabyGirl (v.2.8) [Taxi]
Hands: ~ToddleeDoo - HandPoses (v.2.7) [Taxi]
Shirt: jk: Triangle Collar Top [All the Little Things]
Pants: .S&S. Patched Sweats - Mud [All the Little Things]
Boots: jk: Beige Snuggie Sock Boots - Snow [Taxi]
Bear: <:*BoOgErS*:> DEAD Bear [Arcade March '14]


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