Why am I so itchy?!

Uuuuuugh I'm so freaking itchy for no reason right now, and I hate it. My legs, arms, head. BAH! Anyways, so Soken came out with a few more summer dresses for kids. You can see a few of them in the picture below.

Sarai likes the panda one the most, but don't most little girls on sl like pandas? I think so, because I keep seeing them EVERYWHERE. I personally am not quite so much a fan of pandas, they're not all that cute to me. But hey, to each their own. There's lots of different patterns and styles and colors for the new summer dresses, and while I ADORED the pastel colors, because, hey. It's me we're talking about, they didn't really work with her hair.

But she got a few different patterns, so you could at least get an idea. There's actual patterns, then there's casual types dresses and then a few fun ones.

I have the worst writer's block. And I just have no idea how to fix it. I probably need to read a book or something, but I'm not sure. Something to get my creative juices flowing. I'll find something soon enough, can't keep a good man... or woman down long.
>.Iris Menna.<


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