Ten Feet Tall

I'm clumsy
Yeah my head's a mess
Cause you got me growing taller everyday
We're giants in a little man's world
My heart is pumping up so big that it could burst

Wow this post took a lot of work to put together ._. You have nooooo idea. But I am so glad to have it finished finally! :D As you can probably tell, there is a lot in this post. And I have to thank most of the creators for giving me copies to blog for this post. I could have never done it without you guys. You're all awesome!

Speaking of creators, I asked one of them if she'd like to pose with me. And that is who you see up above. Miss SunAnn. She's not a little, little like Ir, but she's got style none the less. Kid girls tend to get creative when it comes to things to wear. Always keeping an eye out for clothes that they can wear from all sorts of shops. They have a pretty good eye for finding mesh clothes that don't have large boobs. Or they just shop at all of the same shops as we do. Lol.

There's so much in this post, I don't know where I should start. Maybe with the bedset since it's the biggest part of the post? You think that's a good idea? Me too. So this bed set came from *AR*. But don't most of them? Kind of. It's one of the most well known family friendly furniture shops. And I got this because Valentine's Day is always full of pink, and love, and chocolates.... And I just didn't want to wear pink for my Valentine's post. It's coming up, but everyone knows how much I loath those once a year themed outfits. There's nothing worse than spending a ton of money on something you know you're only going to wear once... unless you're rich. In which case, you probably don't care. But I'm not rich. And I know most of you guys aren't either.

And something else you see reoccuring in this post. Bears. These bears are actually valentines by none other than the girl I am posing with for this post. They're from the woodland gacha which is new, but the stuff is really nice and cute. And I really liked almost everything I saw in there. (Ugh I need a job) So I'm probably definitely make that an event I plan on following. You can collect them all or give them away as valentines. Which is what I plan on doing. I already know who all is getting what. Well kinda. There are a few people I'm not sure about. But I most of everyone I plan on giving something to I know which one they're getting. Have I mentioned that when you click them they say a message? A cute little poem. Very cute.

Also you noticed I'm wearing a glove. That came in a pair, also from the woodland gacha. I saw them and well I love fingerless gloves. I used to have a pair irl. And I loved them. But they tore, so I don't have them anymore.  :<

The romper comes from cute bytes and I really like it. I think it's really cute. It's simple but still stylish. You could pair it with tights, or stockings, depending on the season; a short sleeve or long sleeve shirt as well. It's definitely very multi-season, something you can wear year round. And I like that in a piece of clothing.

The bodysuit underneath is from ApplePie. A shop that I found through marketplace. While this outfit says it's blue, I feel like it's more of a light purple personally. At least that's how it appears to me. The purple one looked more pink to me as well. Maybe I'm just going colorblind.

The skin is from cutebytes as well. I like it. It's not bad. I mean I don't exactly feel as if it's a toddler skin, but it's not bad for a kid skin. She does have other skins that are good for like babies and toddlers, but like this one I feel is better for kid kids. Like 6 years old and up. Speaking of 6 years old. Guess who's turning 5 next month?!?! :D Meeee!
I am trying so hard to space out these pictures and talk during the post but I'm seriously running out of things to talk about. Are you guys even reading anymore? I mean for real. Oi.

Twinkle Twinkle
Bad Girls All Star Battle...
I want Elease voted off.

Worst poem ever. My god.... Nothing of value will be beyond this point I swear. Just skip down to the style card and music video. Unless you want to keep reading. But seriously, I'm just trying to fill in more space right here before I can put in the last picture xD.

So I'mma just say thanks to all the designers who gave me the things I needed to make this long winded post a reality. So thanks SunAnn (Marmelade) for the really cute bears, and posing with me. It was very much appreciated. And thank you Bit (Cute Bytes) for the romper and the hands and the skin! I promise you'll see the hands later in more posts there's so many opportunities with the cute poses. Anjelika (* AR * Cozy), thank you for the bedset. It really did work so very well with the bears. I couldn't have imagined a better way to use all of the bears with any other furniture.

So glad to finally have all this out of the way. 4 hours of my day.... gone. Ugh!
>.Iris Menna.<
I'm Wearing
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Clementine Hair - Browns Pack [Taxi]
Skin: **Cute Bytes** Goldie Skin [Taxi]
Hands: ~ToddleeDoo - HandPoses [Taxi]
Shirt: >> applepie << Designs ~ Bodysuit blue [MP]
Mittens: .S&S. Fingerless Mittens - Grey [Woodland Gatcha]
Pants: **Cute Bytes** Jeans Romper - Black [Taxi]

She's Wearing
Shirt: .:villena:. - Denim shirt Blue ombre [Taxi]
Hair: D!va Hair - Astralia [Taxi]
Pants: .:villena:. - loose pants gold print [Taxi]
Necklace: ::C'est la vie !:: pon pon pouch gacha (cat black) [Taxi]
Shoes: ::BB:: Lazy Sunday Sneakers (BLACK) [Taxi]

-Marmelade- Gatcha Messenger Bears [Woodland Gatcha]
* AR * - 13L - Little Ellie [Taxi]


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    Nice post! :D I have that bed set and I loveee it~

    Keep it up! <3 Tatiana


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