Blaime it on the ADD

    Ever found a pair of pants you just have to have?  Yes, I know you have.  A few weeks ago I did just that. I fell so in love with these pants that I ran over and started to make a blog about them. However, sadly I enjoy ADHD. I enjoy but others suffer. Yes, I know it is true. Anyways. I start something and other things grab my attention.  Not that in any way is it more important it is just, well, I guess just needs to be done right then and there. However, for the most part a lot of time. Then something is done in the place of that as well.  Any who. I noticed when I was getting ready to do a blog posting today. I had this yet to be finished one here.  So lets start with this one and then I will work on that one. Without further ado…….


What am I wearing today……..

Shape - 100% originally MINE

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