Make Them Dance Just Like you

I'll run away with your foot steps. 
I'll build a city that dreams for two. 
And if you lose yourself, 
I will find you. 

I've started blogging for another shop. Well 3 more... but this one is focusing on the first of those 3. Oh My Sparkles. It's a new shop, for toddleedoo girls. And this first outfit is probably my favorite one out of all the ones she sent me. Probably because it's the most tomboyish one. Lol.

It's sailor themed as well. Which reminds me of my bestie. He LOVES sailing and flying and all that outdoorsy stuff. It comes with the shoes, the shirt, and the shorts. Oh My Sparkles also has the ice cream for sale. It comes in 2 versions. One non-eaten which is the one I used (hello. More ice cream), and one bitten.

And this outfit is simple, but cute. It's called Panda. And it comes with the shoes and the dress. I think it explains itself lol. But the outfits aren't the only new things in this post either. I got a new pose pack, from Click. They're... kawaii. :3 Literally. Lol. Also, you may not notice it. But! I'm wearing a freckle set from [o]m[s] as well. It comes in 3 different shades; light, medium and heavy. The one I used in this picture is light.

Unicorns I love them. Unicorns I love them. Uni-uni-unicorns. I lo-ove them... Not really. I'm not a huge unicorn fan. I'm more of a zombie and decapitated heads kinda girl. But what do you expect when you're raised on horror movies? This purple unicorn outfit comes with the sweater, tights, boots, and bow. It's got an adorable little unicorn sketch on it. And is probably not a bad outfit for playing outside... on those chilly summer days when it's rainy and things.

And the last one for tonight. This Minnie outfit, that comes with sandals, the bow and this dress. I know a lot of kids are huge fans of the classics, but I never really was. Sure the novelty is cute, but I've never really enjoyed watching the shows. Like the Looney Toons, and Mickey Mouse stuff. They're just really old fashioned. But it's a cute costume at least! And as a kid/toddler, you can never have enough costumes! Lol
.Iris Menna.
What I'm Wearing (in order of appearance):
Every picture
Skin: .::Mother Goose's::. YU(IV)-LB [Taxi]
Eyes: [PixelSteam] Warm Eyes - Shadow (Medium) [MP]
Glasses: Adjunct Eyewear - Resonance Glasses - Tortoise [Taxi]
Body: ~ToddleeDoo - BabyGirl (v.2.8) [Taxi]
Hands: ~ToddleeDoo - HandPoses (v.2.7) [Taxi]

First Picture
Hair: *Dura-Girl*37(Sienna) [Taxi]
Ice Cream: [o]m[s] Chocolate Icecream Bar [MP]
Outfit: [o]m[s] Anchor Outfit [MP]
Pose: .click. Kawaii 1 [Taxi]

Second Picture
Hair: Magika [01] Shade [Taxi]
Freckles: [o]m[s] Freckled Face - Light Freckled Face [MP]
Outfit: [o]m[s] Panda Outfit [MP]
Pose: .click. Kawaii 3 [Taxi]

Third Picture
Hair: Magika [01] Shade [Taxi]
Freckles: [o]m[s] Freckled Face - Heavy Freckled Face [MP]
Outfit: [o]m[s] Unicorn Sweater Outfit [MP]
Pose: .click. Kawaii 4 [Taxi]

Fourth Picture
Hair: Magika [01] Shade [Taxi]
Freckles: [o]m[s] Freckled Face - Medium Freckled Face [MP]
Outfit: [o]m[s] Minnie Dress [MP]
Pose: .click. Kawaii 2 [Taxi]


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