.Boys Like Girls Like Me.

Don't dress for him, it's better when you dress for you.
I keep it loose, my outfit is tight.
I know what boys, know what boys,
Yeah, I know what boys like.

Special Guest? I think yes.

Can you believe that 2 years ago, I started [F.I-W.S]? I look back at my first posts from way back then, and realize how much my blog really has changed over that time. Not just the blog, but the pictures. The quality of them has gone from eh, to wow.

Anyways. This post I didn't work alone on. No I'm working with Phlyn from Fashion Crawlers. He's new to blogging, and looks kinda androgynous to me. But he's a cute kid none the less. And I've always wanted to collaborate with another blogger on a post. So when he asked on FB if anyone wanted to work with him on a post I was like oooo me.

It couldn't have been at a more perfect time either. I got this pose from All The Little Things this round. It's Iris Poses item for this round, and I wanted to blog it, but I didn't look forward to trying to find someone to do the pose with me.  Let's face it, I'm picky.

After we get the pose all lined up and perfect, we had to figure out what to use as a background. He mentioned something about a fort, and I was like, okay let me see. A little bit of asking around got me a retired cardboard box fort from boogers. And OMG, it was so perfect. I know why he discontinued it, but still. It's so cute. The new All Purpose Fridge Box is a close replacement though.

I've paired this new back to school outfit from The Blossom with the jeans from Snips & Snails. See I told you they were versatile. They fit perfectly with the jacket, no going through it or anything. And the plain denim jeans work well with the jacket. I'm also very fond on the sweater he's wearing. But just like me you're going to have to go to his blog to find out where they are when he puts it up.

|I'm Wearing|
Hair: Magika [01] Shimmer [Taxi]
Skin: .::Mother Goose's::.SooJi [Taxi]
Parted Lips: [okkbye] Parted Lippy w/ Shading [Taxi]
Glasses: CARGO - Beatdown Hipster Glasses [MP]
Outfit: .The Blossom. Back to school outfit TD [Taxi]
Jeans: .S&S. 1999 Straight Jeans - Light Wash [Family Flea Market]

|He's Wearing|
Find out here! (link to come)

Pose: Iris - Sword Fight [All The Little Things]
Fort: <:*BoOgErS*:> Box Fort Fixed [Retired]


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