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Pose: SnapHappy

When she looks me in the eyes,
They don't seem as bright,
No more.

Dunno what all to write here. It's a rather simple look, nothing too fancy, but it's still nice and tasteful. But I like simple looks. I mean do I really need to explain the plain white tee and jeans look? They really just explain themselves. But I know I cannot be the only person sitting here waiting to TMP body to stop being a "beta". But according to them, they are working on it, so hopefully we'll all hear something soon. I personally would love facial expressions on the head, and a way to mass hide a piece of the body. Hoping that these are changes we'll see in the body.

But I will of course do a follow up post when they do release the big update, as soon as it's up to follow up on the whole "Talking Body: A POV on TMP" which was posted back in August, shortly after I bought the body. So we shall hear more soon they say.

Hair: *Dura-Boy*66 - DARK COLOR
Eyes: IKON Sovereign Eyes - Coffee
Head: #TheMeshProject (BETA) Head(m) - Soft
Body: #TheMeshProject (BETA) Deluxe Body(m)
Shirt: [Pumpkin] Basic tee - White
Jeans: not so bad . mesh . LUCA jeans . faded
Shoes: ..::ILLI::.. Krasus Sandals - deluxe


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