I come alive in the fall time.
No competition, I don't really listen.
I’m in the blue Mulsanne bumping New Edition.

Yes I realized I took that picture not in ultra graphics! But not until after I'd already torn down the set, and I was not going to take the time to set it all back up and find that camera angle and everything again. So you're just gonna have to deal with the fact that it's in medium graphics, because that's what most people walk around with their graphics set at anyways.

Anyways, I'm sure most of you recognize most of the things in this blog post. Yes, that's right. I had subscribed to the Bebe Bundle. I saw a picture of the preview and thought I saw a dress I liked, but turns out I just didn't pay close enough attention and it was not a dress. In fact it was these boots. And I was not very happy about that because if it had been a dress it would have been cute as hell. But I paid for it so I might as well get my money's worth, right?

This month's Bebe Bundle did have something I didn't plan on getting that I really liked though, and that was this playground set behind me. It's got a cute little playhouse, and a sandbox and I absolutely LOVE the monkey bars even if I am too tall for the poses to fit me properly. And this month you guys are able to sign up late at an increased price, which is pretty standard for these mystery boxes.

I also took all morning of my sleeping in, trying over 700 times to get into The Epiphany. Yes, I was using a cheat hud, and it took legit, over 700 tries. I also had to relog twice in the process of getting there and I crashed as soon as I finally did get there. Yes, the struggle is real.

But I picked up a bunch of the hairs. And I really liked this one the most. I tend to get fairly lucky when I play gachas. I'll get the style of hair I want but not usually the color, so I end up having to trade to get the color I want. This color specifically was in the gingers pack. I was surprised to see a muted brown in the pack but hey that made me happy. I always go for the lighter shades of brown as well. So it was a win all around for me. I did however forget one hair, so I will have to go back... or check MP. Idk if I want to go back after all that lol.

Gachas on a budget tip
Plan how many items from each gacha you want. Play a minimum of that many times. No you don't have to play each machine however many times you come up with for each item. Make a wishlist, find out which gachas are the most popular, play each machine for what you want at least once. Then play other machines different machines until you get the total amount of items equal to your wish list. You may not have wanted it, but someone else did. Happy trading.

Jeez, and I wasn't even going to write this blog today. I was going to just put the style card in a draft and write the rest later.
.Ivy Riverview.

LAGOM- Fallen leafs Playground [Bebe Bundle Oct '16]
Glamrus Kids . Dylan . (With Pumpkins) [Bebe Bundle Oct '16]

*BESOM~ Hype [The Epiphany Oct '16]
[Buzz] Serenity Eyes - Winter [LM]
{Bad Seed} Alicia Skin [Bebe Bundle Oct '16]
VCO ~  Blood Choker _ Black [LM]
{Little Miss} Scarf Set 1 [LM]
Enchantique. Little Sweater [Bebe Bundle Oct '16]
. tiptoes - High Waist Skirt - Black [LM]
{ Blush. } Stella Boots - FATPACK [Bebe Bundle Oct '16]


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