I'm so alone
Trying to find my way back home to you

I have been jamming to this song for days. It's really good and I love the video too. But ya'll ain't here for bomb ass music, are you? No you wanna find out about this tinkerbell outfit. Well it came from the bebe Bundle, much like most of my last outfit. This hair though, is from the Epiphany. I love this new hair from Elua. But I don't really feel like writing today. So I'm just gonna leave this post as it is and let you guys get to the whole style card portion.

.Ivy Riverview.

Lost Unicorn

-LaViere- Fake Plastic Crown [LM]+elua+ Lucie [The Epiphany]
[Buzz] Glacier Eyes - Avada [LM]
{Bad Seed} Bebe Moppet Mesh Head [The Crossroads]
{ Clair de Lune } October Tinkie [Bebe Bundle]
N. Hayden Boots [Bebe Bundle]


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