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I am WAAAAY behind on stuff I wanna blog, so tonight, Imma do nothing but watch anime and blog :D WOO!

First is a few things from Zanzibar creationZ. This stuff is halloween themed and since Halloween is coming up next week, you guys better have your costumes/outfits ready, because I want to see what you're all wearing for the holiday!

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, because I can dress up in whatever I want and not get weird looks! Yaaaay for acceptance!

The first dress reminds me a bit of Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas, just because of the whole patched bottom thing. It comes in multiple colors, sizes to fit everyone the best it possibly can. the back is longer than the front, there's a word for it buuuuuut I forgot xD.

The second dress is simple with bats on it, it has two different sash colors, purple ad black, but I think the black looks better. She has a lot of halloween stuff out right now that's really cute, so take a look! [Taxi]

The hairs are both from Exile, they are this month's group gifts, comes in all colors and are NOT mesh. Which is very sad, but they aren't very long either so they don't really need to be mesh.
>.Iris Ventris.<
Look 1:
Hair: ::Exile:: Betty Lou:Moreno
Dress: .: ZcZ :. Polly Patch Dress
Look 2:
Hair: ::Exile:: Rayanne:Fawn
Dress: .: ZcZ :. Tempest Dress - Violet


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