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So, apparently, a few places have MM specifically for Toddleedoos, but they aren't advertised? Who doesn't love freebies, except for the owners of the shops xD. This is the MM prize from Baby Princess, it doesn't come with shoes, but it's still cute. It's in regular kid, td and yabu sizes, so if it had shoes I'd probably go get it myself, cause I love freebies as much as everyone else.
I had to ask her...
[10:08] ırıdıum Ŧıschєr Mơơnshªdơw (iris.menna): How do you get your head to look so small? Every TD I see their head looks Gigantic! I can't even get mine to look right -_-
[10:08] Imo (imoutosan): XD I flattened mine
[10:09] ırıdıum Ŧıschєr Mơơnshªdơw (iris.menna): >.> care to share your dimensions?
[10:10] Imo (imoutosan): XD sure head size: 0 head stretch: 19 head length: 19
[10:10] ırıdıum Ŧıschєr Mơơnshªdơw (iris.menna): what about the rest?
[10:11] Imo (imoutosan): figure it out on your own! I already have a twin
[10:11] ırıdıum Ŧıschєr Mơơnshªdơw (iris.menna): xD kk
 So now I just have to work on my head. And get mine looking not so huge and maybe I'll actually be able to stand the TD shape. But that can wait till after I finish posting the rest.
>.Iris Menna.<
Hair: .ploom. Wurlie - Blondes
Outfit: :*BABY*: Lavinia {TODDLEE} {mm}


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