Wait just a Peloponnesian minute

So this is a cute little outfit for Toddleedoos. She's wearing the Kid Sized Toddleedoo, and in all honesty the names are misleading. There's Baby, then kid. But the kid size doesn't actually fit kids, unless they wanna be short. Chem's 9 or 10 now, I don't remember exactly, but that's still a kid. And she told me that it took a lot of work to stretch the avi even somewhat tall enough for her and she had to change her offset cause her feet were in the ground when she finished.

But, that was her only complaint. And I somewhat agree. If you're gonna make something sized for kids make it so kids can wear it. It should have been called Toddler size, to keep people from being confused.

Anyways, this outfit is from LD, and it comes in different colors. This is the pink one, and it comes with the shoes and glasses. It also comes with a hat for those kids that like hats. Chem's head was too bit to fit the hat properly though, so I made her take it off for the post. Since it's for the toddleedoo, it fits the baby size to.
>.Iris Menna.<
Outfit: LD - Cute Things


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