First day in, the perfect win.
No loss for us, a day no sin.
Looking through, that tinted glass.
No war zone here.

You know how sometimes, you just absolutely love the way your avatar looks and you really don't want to change because you just look that damn hott? That's how I've been feeling about this avatar. He's so cute! And I just love to stare at him, so I've been extremely reluctant to change my big for that simple fact. And for those of you who don't know what I mean by big, I mean my adult avatar. Cause I have my child avi - or my little. And then this avi, who's my big!
The both come from Fiend and I love them both, they fit so well together, without making me feel like my avatar feel bulky, and the shoes are unrigged mesh from Kapone. I got them at Swagfest last year, but I'm sure he's still selling them in his shop cause I saw other stuff he sold from Swagfest as the shop.
Now back to about the two main parts of this outfit. I LOVE these jeans, It's hard for me to fnd mesh jeans for men that I love, but these are so amazing, and I had to have them, so I got the fatpack which has 3 colors in them. Tashy's also got them in female sizes too, so I may have to go back and get them. The jacket comes in different colors, of course the base shade is black, but the decal changes color, I'd been tempted to get another color, but I couldn't make up my mind so I just went with the regular black and gray one. No regrets either. I love this outfit so much, have I mentioned yet how hott I think this avi is? Lol
So I got up extra early today, because Oreimo season 2 started today, and it was so awesome! I'm so glad! The first episode was so great, and I know none of you probably care about it, but it's my current fav anime, and I know my favorites change quickly, but since it just started it will be my fav until this season ends and summer beings. *claps* Okay, now I'm sleepy so, time for me to get back to bed, I'll be back later with another post for kids! This one's really cute, I promise, and I'll try to get some more posts up to-if not today, then they'll be up tomorrow! Don't forget that on the 16th the giveaway to celebrate FIWS' birthday will start and you have to be following my blog to win!
>.Iris Ventris.<
Hair: [-B-] Ash / +Cocoa+
Ears: BB* Basic Pointy Ears FATPACK (set of 9) - Type B
Skin: [-B-] Fate .Fair. o1# B
Jacket: [FIEND] Garret - Rolled Neck Mesh Jacket - Black
Jeans: [FIEND] Tatum Mesh Jeans - Blue wash
Shoes: Kapone - Chucks Sneakers Leather silver

Like normal, a nice song for you guys, this time with some dubstep cause people like that for some reason.


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