Will you stop being so nice to me, like that?
Because I don't know how I should react.
With the words piling up over every inch of space
I can't even see your face.

So I'm not only behind on adult posts but also on kids posts, but it's okay, I'm catching back up, bunches of posts lined up. Here's a new outfit for boys/tomboys, and a group gift for girls from Turducken! Yaaay Turducken.
Okay so this is a newer release from By Cade. It comes with everything seen here in sizes for both kids and babies. Well everything as in the shoes, pants and shirt, haha. I like the color scheme for this, it's really nice and subtle really gives the outfit that casual everyday kinda look, not as formal as some of the ones I've seen, not dissing them cause I do love the school kid look, but this was nice cause it wasn't what someone would expect someone to do this with outfit. It could be used formally or for just everyday use as an outfit without worrying about if you look too dressy or not.
The romper is from Turducken, it's the group gift for the month, it comes with bunny ears and a bunny tail, but I decided since it was past Easter why not just take those off and wear it as a springy type outfit? Works just as well.
Keeping this one short cause I just have not felt well these last few days.
>.Iris Menna.<

She's wearing: Turducken ToddleeDoo - Marleigh Romper - Red GG
He's wearing: By Cade Lil Eric outfit [mp link]

My current fav show right now's opening theme!


  1. Anonymous7:38 PM

    ^_^ Daw, they so cute.


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