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To celebrate the release of the bebe body coming out soon, FIWS has partnered with BSBB to bring two or three lucky souls A FREE BEBE BODY to one person for every 100 likes the FIWS FB page recieves!

So how is this working you ask?!


1st - Like our FB page!
2nd -  Like Bad Seed's FB page!
3rd - LIKE AND COMMENT your SL USERNAME on this fb post!

~ But wait, I already bought the body! D: ~
That's cool! You are welcome to nominate someone else to receive the body in your place if that is the case. Or if you'd rather we can refund you the cost of the body. Not a problem there!

~What are the rules?~
ONE ENTRY PER PERSON. Let's try to keep this fair, people.
You must enter by the deadline. You must like both pages, the post and comment your SL username on the post. Not your display name.

~ Why are ya'll doing a giveaway? ~
Cause we're nice people. Also I wanted a reason to post more pictures of this body being cute. Don't question it. It's free stuff for ya'll.

Enjoy various pictures that I've been taking of the new body, will add more as I have editted them! <3

The Bad Seed Bebe Body! (A Novel)

For years and years, we've all had the Toddleedoo. Everyone and their Great Uncle Sam 8 times removed has heard of it. Which was the best option because the body looked the best, you could use your own head and it had the largest selection of clothes (mostly girls clothes. But still it had the most clothes.) It still does. But now there is something new coming out soon, preorders are now open.


So, you have all probably heard of it by now. Now what is the BSBB you ask? It's a new body of course! For all us kids in sl who are just wanting something different and new, because everyone deserves to have OPTIONS in their life.

First off I just want to get out of the way; no, it will not fit your TD clothing. Also your TD shape will not work properly with the Bebe Body without having to make modifications to the actual body shape. So the good news is, you can keep your face if you're one of the ones with the bento heads or don't want go the mesh head route, you just have to modify your shape a bit to make it work. They also work with non bento heads, so if you just want to go the premade shape route, I'm sure shape and skin makers are gonna have some of those out soon.

This body is smaller than the ToddleeDoo, however Bit did release the ShrinkeeDoo just a bit ago. So for those of you who like the smallness of the ShrinkeeDoo, don't you worry any, this body also goes pretty small. But remember, the system head can only go so small, so try to keep that in mind. Otherwise you might end up bobble-heading, which doesn't look good on anyone. Eeilee has released many statements, letting everyone know that she will be updating all of the bad seed heads to fit the body as well as to make them smaller, so that they may properly fit with the BSBB. I'm unsure of if Bit will make it so that her heads fit the body as well, but from what I am seeing, they should also fit with the body unless something changes in the way that Bit does her necks. Only time will tell.

The rigging is completely different in the BSBB than in the TD, this means that no your TD clothing will not fit. I honestly don't think I can stress that enough. So many people keep asking if it'll fit the TD clothing. I know that it sucks, we've all spent years building up our clothing collection of things that most girls will wear once or twice then never again, or things that boys wear everyday because there just isn't a large selection for them, and the larger part of boys clothing is all the exact same 15 templates with different textures on them from a dozen different stores. But hey, hopefully since this is a new body, and the need for super girly clothes has died down, there will be a larger selection of unisex/gender neutral clothing.

Also the body comes with Bento hands. Exciting, exciting. Because who wants to wear standard non-bento hands at this point. Except for those who are waiting for The Shops to update their god-danged 5k mesh bodies for adults. (Okay, mini-rant over let's get back on track here.) And it will work with any Bento AO you may have already purchased or are planning on purchasing once you find the right one for you. I don't really need to explain this very much at this point because everyone and their mother has heard of or seen bento hands. But here's a picture of these ones, just cause.

Enough about the hands though, let's get to the most exciting part (for me, anyways). I specifically suggested this to her because like, we've been waiting forever for it TIPPY TOES! Yes, yes, yes! This body does in fact have 3 feet options for all your shoe wearing/bare footed/photography needs! It has flat feet, tippy toes, and ballet feet. In not one size, but three sizes! Small for those who want small feet, regular for average sized feet, and big for those who have bigger feet (all three sizes are included) She tried to make them bento so that they could be animated, unfortunately, since the body is all squashed up, the rigging for the feet doesn't work properly when it comes to bento. But we get three foot options! Hold. The. Phone. I was informed there are more than just those three feet options coming out. Aside from the flat, half tip and tip toe; there will also be pigeon toed, and wiggly toes. Not wiggling all the toes separately, there's no way to do that just yet. But Eeilee is going to make feet where all the toes wiggle and curl. Think of all the shoes that can be made! And the socks! All the footwear! This huge world of opportunity that is now opening. (Can you tell that I'm the most excited about this?)

BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE! Belly. Button. Options. Oh yeah. Get excited. You can choose between either an innie OR an outtie. Oh boy, am I excited about that. I can't wait to run around with my little belly button poking out everywhere! Woo hoo! So cute, but it also gives you a chance to just make your body feel a little more you. Because not everyone has the same belly button irl. And when I had noticed it on one of the Beta's that she sent me, I was like OMG, I didn't even realize I needed this so bad! But now it is a thing, and we can all be prepared to take pictures of our adorable belly buttons! (Because that's a thing right?)

The body also comes with a skin hud that includes 100 different skin tones. (Eeilee, that's a bit excessive don't you think? Lol!) And underwear for both boys and girls, that means panties and boxer briefs. You can also put a different nail color on each nail on the body, (can someone please do chipped nail polishes? Like for real.) They are omega friendly as well, or will be as soon as Eeilee can get the body to the Chellynne Bailey. There's also a few more fun and unique add-ons to come, but I have been asked not to mention them by name in this post, so just keep in mind this is only the beginning! I know a few of them are gonna make everyone super excited.

Let's get a little more technical shall we? We shall. The alpha hud. Yep, it works the same as every other alpha hud, and I have managed to steal Eeilee's screen shot of the alpha hud, so here's your look at it. I know a lot of people think, why does the way the alpha hud look or work matter so much. Obviously you have never used the TMP alpha hud. If you had, you'd realized that the alpha hud should play a massive part in deciding on buying the body or not. All it takes is one crappy alpha hud and you will never take one for granted again. (This may not be the final version of the alpha hud)

For the first month of the BSBB's release, all the stores that are making things for the body will all be found in the same building that you can find the body at. After the first month, it will become a monthly sale building. Woo new things every month! Lucky you guys, ya'll don't have to wander around naked while you shop for clothes. That building is located here! I mean unless you just don't care. I went naked to each of the stores below just to make sure all the lms worked, which they had at the time they were sent to me. Don't need everyone telling me I sent ya'll to the wrong places and Creepy Old Uncle Jim was there with his white van offering you candy. No thank you!

The body itself will be 999$. IK! It's so cheap in comparison to adult bodies, but yes the price tag is higher than the TD. You get what you pay for though, as with all of Eeilee's items.

There are two inworld groups for the body; Bad Seed Bebe Body, which is your basic support group, in case you have any questions that were not answered by this post or the informative stuff Eeilee herself has been sending out. The second group is Bebe Body Adverts Group, for all of you who like to stay informed about new things coming out and the designers who like to send notices inworld.

Eeilee has also informed me of the update order once the body's official release happens which is... July 1st, 2017. Once the body is released the updates will come in this order...

Bad Seed Heads will be updated first, to fit the BSBB properly, the Baboo head has been updated already to fit the body. So for all of you who have the Bento Baboo head, no worries there (She's also gonna release another bento head sometime after the body's release. No exact date, but I am excited!) All of the other heads will be updated shortly after the BSBB's release.

Once those are done, she will be updating all of the skins in her store to properly fit her body and everything. After that is done, all of her clothes in her store will be re-rigged to fit her body, because as stated in the beginning of this post, TD clothing does not work on this body.

All updated products will go into the new building where the body will be where it is. And once it has all been updated, she will move all of the updated products to her mainstore. But for the first few weeks, you will be able to find everything in the same place, the building right across from The Shop Hop.

Aside from the building, that has the body and all those shops, I've also made a small guide of which. designers are making things for the Bebe Body. Some are still working on releasing their first item, others have already released their items at events and in their mainstores. There have even been some FLF (50$L Friday) items released for the body. But keep in mind, those are only 50$L for the duration of the day/weekend, depending on the store owner's decision to pick it up, or remove the item that is still for sale. Click the logo to grab the SLURL to visit their main locations, stop in, take a look around, see what they have where.

I thank you for the time that I know it took you forever to read, and I hope that you feel fully informed about the body now. Go forth young ones, and make your decisions, look, around, buy things. Window shop, but most of all, just enjoy your SL!

.Ivy Riverview.

--Beginner's Shopping Guide--

(Please be aware the categories do not mean that is all they sell, many of these stores fall under multiple categories, more lms coming soon)

Full Permission Items

Appliers, Skins & Nails


Clothing, Shoes & Accessories

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