Dream in Black and White

I love these jammies, they are way cute. And kids and parents can dress up in them, as well as yabus and toddleedoos! Marketplace lies to me >.>.
Speaking of the toddleedoo, well the update came out, and while I still don't like how the head isn't small enough, the update is definitely better looking than the original toddleedoo shape. The body types are much more youthful looking, even though the butt sticks out too much and the torso looks jellybean shaped from the side >.>. It comes in 4 sizes, male and female baby and male and female kid. If you get one of those four and modify the shape you can indeed get your toddler shape! :D Just modify and make yourself look taller than a baby or shorter than a kid! It'll all work out. Don't age up/down too fast, you'll have to buy a new copy if you decide to go from kid to baby or male to female or vice versa.

However if you don't take radical age changes then yeah go for it, buy the one you think you'll be able to use the longest, that way you aren't spending too much on a shape you'll only use twice.
>.Iris Menna.<

Outfit: Intrigue Co. - ToddleeDoo Panda (unisex) (wear to unpack!)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Clementine Hair - Browns Pack
Skin: ~Mynerva~Little Kia Bisque


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